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by Admin on June 27, 2022

Algeria is the largest country in Africa. And is among the top five largest economies in the world. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) member Algeria depends on oil and gas for its economic growth.

The capital of Algeria, Algiers, is a stunning Mediterranean Sea coastal city Due to the white appearance of its buildings as they were seen rising from the sea, the city is known as “Algiers the White.”

Main airports

Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport (ALG), Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport (ORN), and Constantine Mohamed Boudiaf (CZL) are the three main airports in Algeria. And it’s a hub for Air Algerie and Tassili airlines.

Houari Boumediene Airport (ALG)

Also, known as Algiers Airport or Algiers International Airport is the main international airport serving Algiers, the capital of Algeria it is located 16.9 KM east southeast of the city.

ALG airport handled 7,823,634 passengers in 2017.


  • Air Algerie
  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • ASL airlines France
  • British Airways
  • EgyptAir
  • Emirates
  • Flynas
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar airways
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Turkish Airlines
  • More

Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport (ORN)

The second-largest city in Algeria, Oran, is served by the sizable Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport. The airport has two runways and two terminals (T1, and T2). Oran Es Sénia Airport is still referred to by its actual name, Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport.

The airport is located south of the City, between the Mediterranean sea and the large salt lake Sebkha d’Oran. Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport is accessible via the roads N2A and N4.

ORN airport handled 1.85 million passengers in 2016.


  • Algeria air
  • ASL airlines France
  • Iberia Regional
  • Tassili Airlines
  • Transavia
  • TUI fly Belgium
  • Tunisair
  • Turkish airlines
  • Volotea
  • Vueling

Mohamed Boudiaf Airport (CZL)

It Is an airport in Algeria, located approximately 9 KM south of the Constantine and about 320 KM east- southwest of Algiers


  • Algeria air
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • Tassili Airlines
  • Transavia
  • TUI fly Belgium
  • Tunisair
  • Tunisair Express
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Volotea

Due to the size of Algeria, aviation is important for transportation within the country, so there are many airports in Algeria. Tlemcen (TLM), and Adrar (AZR), while international airports on the north-eastern side of the country include Annaba (AAE), Biskara (BSK), and Batna (BJL)

Whenever landing for a technical stop with the purpose of refueling, most aircraft operators land in Tamannrasset Airport (DAAT/TMR) in the south of Algeria.

Operations for visiting the oil and gas fields take place at Ghardaia Airport (GHA) and Hassi Messaoud Airport (HME).

All the mentioned airports are international airports of entry (AOE), operating 24 hours (except for AEE which does not operate at the night) and they have customs and immigration around the clock. The Algerian airports are not slot coordinated.

Flight operational services for Algeria

There are several relevant considerations to consider while booking your next journey to Algeria, including permit requirements, visa requirements, and other ground handling services.

When flying to Algeria, you must get an overflight and landing authorization.

Landing permit

For private flights, the following information is required:

  • Passenger information and receiving party contacts
  • Complete flight and aircraft details
  • A sponsorship letter can be required for certain landings at airports located in remote rural areas.

For scheduled commercial flights:

can be acquired in Algeria within 72 hours if they possess the required traffic permissions and Air Algeria has no objections (the national Carrier).

For Ad-hoc commercial flights:

The CAA will not accept the permit for Ad-hoc commercial flights because most of the operators lack valid Air Algeria approval. Instead, the CAA will ask the operators to coordinate with Air Algeria via their local sponsor or GSA (general sales agent) to obtain Air Algeria’s approval on the flight.

royalty fees for both passengers and cargo may be charged for each trip after Air Algeria’s approval.

Lead time to obtain the landing permit for Algeria

A 24 – 72 hours landing permit can be obtained on short notice.

Overflight permit

The document required for an overflight permit in Algeria for AD-HOC, commercial and private flights:

Because of iJET’s extensive global network, it is simple to get and does so within 24 hours. It may even be acquired after business hours, and the tower can issue permits for ambulance flights in a matter of minutes.

Required Details for Obtaining Algeria Overflight Permit Application

  • Flight schedule
  • Entry / Exit points with ATC route
  • Lead passenger details
  • Consignee & consigner details for cargo flights
  • Aircraft documents (AOC, COA, COI, CON, COR)

Overflight Permits Category’s for Block:

1- Monthly Block Overflight Permits (For scheduled and non-schedule airlines flights)

2- Seasonal Block overflight permits (scheduled Commercial Airlines Flights)

Lead time to obtain the overflight permit for Algeria

24 hours overflight permit can be obtained on short notice.

Additional details for the Algerian landing permission and overflight permit

  • There is a possibility of extra inspections and more details required for issuance of the permit for a few flights in the rarely used airports in Algeria. But in general, all permit issues can be solved within 72 hours.
  • All types of aircraft must land in Algeria for a technical stop within 24 hours.
  • The clearance process for flights that Air Algeria has objected to will take longer since the local sponsor or the GSA (General Service Agent) in Algeria must apply. The strength and activity of the local firm will determine the lead time for such flights.

Ground handling services

The primary ground handling business in Algeria is Air Algerie, the national carrier. A second license to offer ground handling services in Algeria has been received by the Swiss ground handling organization Swissport. In DAAG, DABC, DABT, DAAO, and DAON, Except for a few domestic airports, which are run by the petroleum firm of Algeria SONATRACH since they are primarily utilized for the transportation of its workers, Air Algerie is the only ground handling operator in the other airports.

Aviation fuel

All Algerian airports’ primary source of jet fuel is NAFTAL. Operators of aircraft should be aware that credit cards are not a valid payment method for aviation fuel services in Algeria. Cash payments can be made in USD and EUR; however, we do not encourage using cash as a form of payment for various reasons, the foremost being security considerations.

When operating domestically, VAT will be added to the fuel price purchased.


Flight and Cabin crew from all nationalities can enter Algeria with a visa upon arrival. Unless they remain in the transit area in the airport, passengers must get a visa from the Algerian diplomatic missions in their home countries unless they intend to stay in the airport’s transit area, except for nations with whom Algeria has special visa accords.


Available in major airports like DAAG, DAOO, and DABC and can be arranged from reputed hotels in other airports.

In other airports, such as Hassi Messaoud DAAT, catering can be provided from the hotels, like Tahat Hotel, and in Ghardaia DAUG, it can be sourced from Belvedere Hotel.

Airport slots

Slots are not required at airports in Algeria

Hotel accommodation

The capital city of Algiers has many four- and five-star hotels. Grand Hotel Mercure is a nice hotel to be at if you want to be close to the airport.

The Hilton Hotel is situated right on the water and close to the airport too.

Excellent restaurants may be found in the Sofitel Hotel, which is a fantastic hotel that is closer to the city center.

“Le Jardin d’Essai”, a very big garden that dates to 1832 and was created for the preservation and propagation of all the country’s endemic flora, is located within a short stroll from the Sofitel.

Transportation and local laws and customs

The weekend is on Friday and Saturday. You don’t have to carry your passport at all times. But take it with you if you are making a long journey. You will need your passport if traveling internally by air. Keep a photocopy somewhere safe.

Air, land, and sea borders are now partially open.

For reasons of service quality, security, and language barriers, it is advised to make your private chauffeured transportation arrangements in advance rather than utilizing public taxis. It is advised to allow extra time for the travel back to the airport because of the heavy traffic in the city of Algiers.

Regarding the country’s overall state of security, numerous nations have lately sent out Travel Alerts to its people regarding travel to Algeria, advising them against visiting the country’s isolated regions in the South and East.

Algerian security forces and airport police are primarily responsible for protecting Algeria’s major cities and airports. While the aircraft is parked on the ramp, no private security can be set up for it. It is also impossible to set up armed security in the city. However, some security firms offer what may be referred to as “Tour Guides,” well-trained in security procedures and martial arts but without weaponry.

General information for your next flights to Algeria

There are certain things that aircraft operator needs to keep in mind when planning for their flight to Algeria:

  • Algeria has severe rules about currency. Inform your customers and staff that local currency cannot be exported.
  • An overflight and a landing permit are required when flying to Algeria.
  • Additionally, there are no explicit guidelines as to what qualifies as “Commercial Air Services,” thus we suggest you check your status with the Algerian authorities before departing.

Traveling to Algeria may be difficult, but with careful planning and the help of a knowledgeable flight support provider like iJET Flight support, you can make sure that your journey is successful and fulfilling. Visit and conduct business in Algeria with confidence. It has a huge economic potential because of its over 40 million inhabitants, plenty of natural resources, ideal position, and a favorable environment.

Here comes iJET’s effective role in facilitating the process and securing flight permits on short notice due to its wide network of relations with the civil aviation authorities in almost every country around the world. iJET also helps aircraft operators to choose the flight route that imposes the minimum overflight fees, as most countries charge fees for processing overflight permits.


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