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by Admin on May 19, 2022

What is business aviation?

The use of any general aviation aircraft for business purposes is known as business aviation. General aviation is defined by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as all flights that are not operated by the military or scheduled airlines. As a result, business aviation is a part of general aviation that focus on the use of planes and helicopters for commercial purposes.


ICAO Definition of Business Aviation

ICAO only defines/recognizes three kinds of operations, commercial air transport, general aviation, and aerial work.

Commercial air transport operation:

an aircraft operation that transports passengers or freight for a fee or for hire.

General aviation operation:

A commercial air transport operation or an aerial work operation is not the same as an aircraft operation.


Aerial work:

The use of an aircraft for specialized activities such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, and patrol.


Did you know?

  • Business aviation represents 8% of all air traffic in Europe.
  • Around 2% of all CO2 emissions are produced by the global aviation industry. Business aviation contributes 2% of total air transportation emissions.
  • In Europe, business aviation employs 374,000 people (directly and indirectly) and generates an annual economic output of 87 billion euros.
  • There are 1,400 European airports served by business aviation, with 900 of them served only by business aviation companies.
  • Every day, business aviation flies 70 life-saving or medical flights.


Airports of major importance in UAE:


Dubai international airport (DXB): Dubai’s Main Entry PointThe Challenges of Ramp Services Image

When arriving in Dubai, the first choice that springs to mind is Dubai International Airport (DXB/OMDB). The airport features a massive structure for business aviation as it is the hub for Emirates and the world’s busiest airport in terms of international traffic.

This system starts with Al Majlis, an exclusive private terminal, and continues through various fixed-based operators (FBOs): Jetex, Falcon Aviation, Global Jet Aviation, and Execujet. The airport offers a diverse range of services, including repair facilities and charter companies.

DXB is also the nearest airport to Dubai among the airports that service the city.

The Downtown Dubai sector is a 15-minute Metro or cab trip away due to its location inside the city. Dubai International itself operates 24/7, an amazing feat given the amount of other global airports with heavy evening flight restrictions.

Contact us to arrange for your Business Jet operations in DWX & DXB Airport


Al Maktoum international airport (DWC): DXB’s Less Restrictive Alternative

If slot constraints and thus reduced flexibility is a no-go issue for you, Dubai’s
secondary airport may be a better option. Located in the southern part of the emirate, Dubai World Central/Al-Maktoum International (DWC/OMDW) is part of an ambitious project to be a new mega-hub in the future.

While the plans remain mostly on paper, this is the airport that really drives the bulk of business aviation operations in Dubai. For this reason, Dubai World Central has also several FBO options – some of which also operate in Dubai
International Airport, including both Execujet and Jet Aviation.

While the greater flexibility of slots is what makes Dubai World Central an interesting alternative compared to Dubai International, this is the farthest airport from the heart of the emirate. By car, the trip from Al Maktoum to the Downtown Dubai district takes around 40 minutes.


Abu Dhabi, Al Bateen Airport (AZI): Munawala, The Finest FBO Around the World

is it the only business aviation dedicated airport in the Middle East? This airport is preferable to business aviation as it’s in the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi. In 2011, Al Bateen Executive Airport launched its brand new FBO service, Munawala, and within the first two years of operation, the new FBO was ranked in the top five best FBOs around the world twice by the European Business Aviation News (EBAN).

Currently, the airport has a standing capacity for up to 50 private jets with fast and efficient turnarounds with no holding patterns and short taxi times. Existing carriers already operating out of the airport include Al Jaber Aviation, Falcon Aviation Services, and Rotana Jet.


Sharjah International Airport (SHJ): Closer and less crowded options

There is a third option, however, which is closer to Dubai than Dubai World Central.

Despite being located within the adjacent and namesake emirate, Sharjah International is around 30 minutes from Downtown Dubai by car, being located relatively near Dubai’s main airport.

The airport is served by global FBO services company Gama Aviation, which operates its own VIP terminal in Sharjah. Additionally, despite being a hub for low-cost carriers Air Arabia, the airport has no slot restrictions, which is a huge advantage over Dubai International.

Sharjah International Airport business aviation Sharjah FBO (OMSJ) offers a comprehensive series of services including aircraft management, charter, Sharjah FBO, and line maintenance to clients based in Sharjah, Dubai, the Northern Emirates, and the GCC area.

Whether you prefer the convenience and facilities of Dubai International or the flexibility of Sharjah and Dubai World Central, having a flight support company like iJET is a must for your trip. This ensures you can worry less about your flight and more about your time in Dubai, whether that be for business meetings or exploring the rapidly growing city.


Requirements for airlines and private jet operators

For that UAE (United Arab Emirates) is preparing for the high demand in their airports to be able to serve all airlines, charter companies, private jets owners, and management companies in securing landing permissions in Dubai airports, slots arrangements, ground handling arrangements, Transfer and limousine service inside Dubai and from/ to UAE airports, Hotel accommodation for crew and passengers and private jets charter

We’ll provide readers with a brief of the operator’s airline and private jet regulations:


Flight permits:Flight Permits

A flight permit is a document that confirms an aircraft has permission to overfly the airspace of a specific country or to land in an airport in a specific country. The issuance process and requirements of overflight and landing permits differ from one country to another.

In UAE there is no overflight permit to enter the sovereign airspace, overfly, and exit it. The issuing of an overflight permit confirms that there is no political or security objection to your airline or private jet but, there are outstanding navigation fees due to the ATC authority. but for most civil aviation authorities, prior approval is required in the form of an overflight permit, each country has its requirements in terms of documents, time to apply, and fees.

A landing permit is required for all types of operations, but it’s normally an easy, straightforward process. The airports in UAE exist in five different emirates of the UAE, and each emirate has its own Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with different permit requirements.

When applying for a landing permit to land at any airport in the world, an operator must consider all requirements, such as the language of the application and when to apply. The purpose of the flight (refueling, crew rest, traffic landing, passenger, or cargo incoming or outgoing, ferry flights) …

This needs prior clearance for aircraft to fly according to slot time aviation standards and during slot-controlled hours at the airport. All flights to the United Arab Emirates require landing permissions. The official permit processing time is four business days. Permits are valid for 72 hours after they are issued.


Ground handling:

In UAE, your airlines or private jets will collaborate with globally top quality and legally permitted providers who have a strong and well-deserved business reputation.

UAE airports offer urgent and short notice ground handling services with the top accuracy and speed in all needed operations for aircraft maintenance, ground support, and aviation ground services from the moment we start the aircraft guidance to the parking slot. Covering Luggage handling, cargo handling, aircraft fueling, catering, air conditioning, cabin services, lavatory, and potable services, passenger stairs and aerobridge, visa assistance, passenger handling, crew visa assistance, airport concierge services, and more aviation ground handling services


Hotels accommodation and transportation:

For all flights, Dubai offers global business hotel accommodation, and the level of hotels is classified using a star rating system, often from 1-to 5, with 5 stars being the highest.

Quick note: iJET covers all arrangements for best hotel accommodation reservations for all flights for both business travelers and private jets according to the following solutions:

  • Accommodating many flights
  • Suggesting hotels to suit all budgets
  • Providing safety and comfort to all our customers in hotel accommodation
  • Offering competitive rates and special discounts for hotel reservations
  • We have credit facilities for booking

. Our top-of-the-line premium vehicles are chauffeured by multilingual professionals dedicated to guaranteeing your crew’s comfort and safety. This will keep your crew relaxed and on schedule.


Inflight catering:Sustainable Inflight Catering - iJET

Do you require in-flight catering for your upcoming flight? delivering aircraft inflight catering from the greatest airline catering providers or, if preferred, the best hotels and restaurants in the city They ensure that the catering services offered to you are tailored to your preferences while maintaining the greatest level of food safety.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are examples of different meals. According to the client’s preference and the type of meal delivered, both hot and cold chin systems were employed for transportation.

Whether you’re flying short or long distances, the inflight food service is an important aspect of your flight strategy. During their vacation, your client will want at least a cup of tea and something to eat. From a quick breakfast to a full course dinner, they can assist you in arranging VIP catering for your next journey for your customer.

While UAE is a liberal country, Islam is the main religion. Accordingly, compliance with Islamic rules is expected when operating in UAE. Accordingly, the port is not served by in-flight caterers, and alcohol cannot leave the aircraft, as a special permit is required for alcohol consumption.


Aviation fuel:

The purchasing strategy is to obtain aviation fuel from local dealers. UAE avoid buying from resellers or international vendors to ensure that their clients get the best deal possible. In addition, airports work with several aircraft fuel suppliers in each location to provide your airlines or your private jet with the most competitive aviation fuel pricing.

With enough notice, you can also provide your aircraft with AVGAS aviation fuel. They have agreements with major, regional, and local aviation fuel suppliers all over the world, and they are always ready to provide expert aviation fuel services tailored to your plane’s fueling requirements.

So many local and international fuel suppliers provide aviation fuel in UAE. Shell, Air BP, and Air Total all have aviation fuel supplies. However, the main into-plane supplier in OMDB is Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), while the main into-plane fuel supplier in OMAD and OMAA is Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). In OMSJ, refueling is hydrant and SASCO is the main fuel supplier in the airport.


UAE Business operation during the FIFA World Cup

For the first time in FIFA World Cup history, football fans will experience the world’s best teams coming together to compete to be the champions under the winter sun as the event will take place from 21 November to 18 December 2022. FIFA president (Gianni Infantino) expects “Abu Dhabi and Dubai will score a boost in the Aviation field when the World Cup in Qatar kicks off on November 21”.

UAE airports will see a surge in traffic from airlines and private planes landing in the UAE or departing from the UAE to Qatar regularly. As a result, airlines and private jet operators will face challenges obtaining overflight or landing permits.

Many FIFA fans will stay in Dubai for the duration of the World Cup, taking commercial flights or private planes back and forth to Doha. Therefore, it’s critical to work with a reputable Ground handling agent to ensure a high-quality ground operation for your aircraft from the time it arrives until it departs, and the competition is projected to draw 1.5 million fans to Doha because Qatar is the smallest country to stage a World Cup UAE knows which hotels are convenient for the business traveler of flight and cabin crew and meet client’s security and comfort requirements.

Due to Dubai standing out as a potentially perfect fan accommodation alternative during the 2022 World Cup event in Qatar, the UAE airport crew transportation service provides safe and secure shuttle transportation from the airport to the hotel and return.

UAE strives to provide a delicious and healthy meal on board that satisfies your taste while committing to all COVID-19 safety guidelines and hygiene. Also, will be a hub for land and provide different types of aircraft fuel From JET A1 to AVGAS, and all types of aircraft fuel at the most competitive fuel price.


As a result, the iJET team is preparing for increased demand at UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AIRPORTS to assist all airlines, charter companies, private jet owners, and management companies.

iJET charters’ quick 24/7 customer service staff includes charter specialists who can help you choose the right jet for your World Cup 2022 travel from/to Doha and Dubai.

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