How Are Countries Around the World Implementing ADS-B

by Admin on January 10, 2019

FAA’s ADS-B Deadline of Jan 1st, 2020 Draws Closer

2019 has already begun, which means we are less than a year away from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) ADS-B mandate. iJET has already told you Everything you need to know about ADS- B Mandate and the situation in the USA and Europe. With 1st January 2020 (the deadline for implementing ADS-B Out) looming over the aviation industry, more and more countries worldwide require ADS-B. Today, we look at ADS-B mandate at major countries around the globe.

United States

ADS-B will be required in all 48 states in the US. This must be done by 1st January 2020. For more information read ADS-B Out In USA, Europe, And Rest of The World.


In Europe, ADS-B is mandated for the following:

  • If aircraft have a certificate of airworthiness issued on or after 8th January 2015.
  • All aircraft operating Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).
  • Aircraft with maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 5700 kg (12,566 lbs.) or more.
  • Aircraft with maximum cruising true airspeed (TAS) higher than 250 knots (kts).

The aforementioned aircraft will have to be implemented with ADS-B by 7th June 2020.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, ADS-B is mandated for aircraft operating at or above flight level (FL) 290 on airways L642 and M771.


Flights at and above FL 290 in Soekarno–Hatta International Airport WIIF/ CGK in Jakarta and Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport/ Ujung Pandang Airport WAAF/ UPG in Makassar, require ADS-B.


Aircraft operating at or above FL 290, in the following area require ADS-B-

073605N 1090045E, 040713N 1063543E, 041717N 1061247E (MABLI), 044841N 1052247E (DOLOX), 045223N 1041442E (ENREP), 045000N 1034400E.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, it is speculated that by the start of 2020, Colombo terminal maneuvering area will require ADS-B.


In Vietnam, ADS-B is mandated for the following:

  • Aircraft operating at or above FL290.
  • Aircraft with MTOW is 15,000 kgs (33,069 lbs) or greater. But from 1st January 2020, MTOW requirement will be lessened to 5,700 kgs (12,566 lbs).

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

From 1st January 2020, ADS-B will be required in the Emirates FIR in UAE.


From 31st December 2019, flights in the Taipei FIR in Taiwan, at or above FL 290, will require ADS-B.


China requires aircraft to be equipped with ADS-B for the following-

  • Flying at and above FL290
  • Flights operating in certain parts of the Urumqi CTA.


In Colombia, all aircraft, flying at all flight levels must be equipped with ADS-B by 1st January 2020.


By 1st January 2020, India will also enforce the ADS-B mandate. The flight level must be at and above FL285.


For Malaysia, the date for ADS-B mandate is 31st December 2019 for aircraft at flight level 290 to 410.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, ADS-B is mandated for the following:

  • Aircraft operating at flight level 245 and above.
  • Flights operating within the NZZC FIR.


In Australia, ADS-B is mandated for the following:

  • Aircraft operating at flight level 290 and above.
  • Aircraft operating over continental Australia, the Arafura Sea, the Great Australian Bight, and the Bass Strait.
  • For aircraft registered in Australia, operating in Class A, B, C or E airspace. To understand the different types of airspace, read ADS-B Out In USA, Europe, And Rest of The World.
  • The date for ADS-B in Australia is 6th June 2020.

Countries with upcoming ADS-B mandate

  • In Seychelles, speculation about ADS-B are there, but a clear picture is awaited.
  • Canada too is expected to release a future mandate.

Countries around the world are implementing or are planning to implement ADS-B in 2019 and 2020. Many countries which currently have not mandated ADS-B, might shift to it, following these major countries. You need to look if your aircraft require ADS-B according to the country and area you’re operating in. There are other things to consider like flight level too. If you intend not to equip your aircraft with ADS-B, you might face a situation where you need

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