How DEF-Contamination of Your Jet Fuel is destroying Aircraft Engines?

by Admin on September 6, 2018

How and why does your jet fuel get contaminated by DEF

Jet fuel is the lifeline of an aircraft, without which an airplane cannot fly. But what if your jet fuel gets contaminated? It is of utter importance that the jet fuel taken onboard at uplift is not contaminated in any way, as it is likely to damage all the engines of your aircraft.

A recent incident involving jet-A contaminated by DEF, as reported by AIN online, led to the damage of all three engines of a Fair Wind Air Charter-operated Dassault Falcon 900EX. One single mishap lead to the destruction of 3 healthy engines. The damaged caused to the aircraft due to the jet fuel contamination led to repairs of more $1 million in cost.

In this blog, jet fuel experts at iJET brings you all the details you need to know about DEF contamination.

  • What exactly is diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)?

DEF is a urea-based chemical that lowers nitrogen oxide pollutants in diesel exhaust. It has been warned time and again that DEF is not approved for use in jet fuel.

  • How can DEF damage an aircraft’s engines

When jet fuel and DEF are accidentally mixed, DEF will react with certain jet fuel chemical components. This will lead to crystalline deposits being formed in the fuel system, producing potentially catastrophic clogs throughout aircraft fuel systems.

  • How does the DEF contamination occur?
  • Jet fuel is inadvertently mixed with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)
  • Jet fuel refueling done during ground handling at airport with equipment that was exposed to DEF
  • DEF is accidentally used instead of fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII) on refueling trucks
  • Can we use jet fuel contaminated with DEF?

Jet fuel contaminated with DEF does not meet the aviation fuel operating limitations of airplanes certificated to operate on Jet A fuel, and therefore cannot be used on any aircraft.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned against jet fuel contamination by DEF

FAA had issued a warning for DEF contamination in Dec 2017, due to seven incidents of jet fuel containing diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and jet fuel refueling done with equipment that was exposed to DEF, occurring between November 18 and November 21, 2017, in seven turbine-powered aircraft at Omaha’s Eppley Air Field. Read the full warning by FAA reported by Aero-News.

The rising number of jet fuel contamination accidents has pointed finger towards aircraft operator’s responsibility worldwide to ensure that they address fuel contamination risk with adequate “Policies, Standards and Procedures” (PSPs). In addition to this, aviation professionals and aircraft operators globally must work with reliable fuel suppliers to refuel their aircraft. But with so many regional, international, and local fuel suppliers competing in the aviation world, who should you trust? The solution is simple, work with a reputable and dependable flight support provider.

Teaming up with a reliable flight support partner becomes crucial to ensure that the jet fuel used for your aircraft is pure and not polluted. iJET, your flight support partner of choice, understands this and helps you to choose the right fuel supplier, to ensure the quality of the jet fuel.  It acts as an independent third party with all-way round aircraft evaluation and offers an ultimate choice of fuel brand.  Well-connected with local and international trusted fuel suppliers and working with aircraft operators globally, has equipped us with a network of trusted vendors so that you can rely on us for the fueling and refueling of your aircraft.

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