How Dubai will boost while World Cup in aviation field?

by Admin on May 9, 2022

The 2022 FIFA world cup will take place in Doha, Qatar starting from 21NOV22 to 18DEC22, and it will host 32 countries from all over the world, therefore there will be a massive air traffic rotation to reduce pressure on Qatar airports and Hotels.

The current status and reports indicated that the city of Doha is Fully booked, and World cup travelers and fans are looking for alternative destinations in surrounding cities to reside during the tournament.

Many of the FIFA fans will accommodate in Dubai during the World Cup and will be using either airlines or private jets to move back and forth to Doha, to attend the games.
For that iJET team is preparing for the high demand in Dubai International Airport and UAE Airports to be able to serve all airlines, charter companies, private jet owners and management companies in Securing Landing permissions In Dubai Airports, Slots arrangements in both Dubai and Doha airports, Ground handling arrangements, Transfer and Limousine service inside Dubai and from/to Dubai Airport, Hotel Accommodation for crew and passengers in Dubai, and Private Jets Charter from Dubai to Qatar for World cup travelers.


Dubai stands out as a potentially perfect fan accommodation alternative during the Doha World Cup event

World Cup 2022 in Qatar is the most anticipated event this year.

Every four years, the global fan base comes together to support the latest world cup series. This is one of the most exhilarating sporting events in the entire world and it continues to draw fresh waves of interest and investment from its global audiences every time.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino expects “Abu Dhabi and Dubai to score a tourism boost when the world cup in Qatar kicks off in November”.


Why Dubai UAE Will Boost while world cup in the aviation field?Ground Handling Service iJET

Qatar, the smallest country to stage a World Cup tournament, will host 64 games in 28 days at eight stadiums in and around its capital Doha. With the FIFA world cup 2022 now only a year away, expects a substantial proportion of match attendees to stay in Dubai, fly to attend games in Qatar, and then travel back on the same day on private jets or commercial flights.

How many passengers can Qatar Airport hold? About 1.5 million visitors are expected to descend on Doha for the tournament, which gets underway on November 21.

The number of passengers at Hamad international airport jumped 20% in 2016. Qatar is now seeking to enhance the airport’s capacity to reach 50 million passengers annually and prepare to accommodate about 86,000 passengers per day in the world cup 2022. While Dubai international airport recorded a 12.7% increase in annual passenger traffic. in addition, in 2021 Dubai airport has a total capacity of 90 million passengers annually and 250,000 per day.

50% of private jet travelers attending the world cup are based in Dubai and conduct same-day trips to Doha and back.

“Due to the limited aircraft parking space at Doha, some flights will only offer drop-off and pick-up. Some aircraft will then come back to Dubai solely for parking”.

Two airports in Dubai, Dubai international airport (Dubai DXB) and (al Maktoum airport) have Three terminals equipped with the latest technologies to handle the arrivals and departures of various airlines and passengers, this will allow fans to travel easily from game to game like never before as some previous world cups have been held across two host countries let alone several cities-it will place huge pressure on the Doha accommodation market.


Airlines & Private Jets operators requirements:

Overflight &Landing permit

An operator must consider the following factors when asking for overflight permission to overfly countries: overflight fees, previous permission request PPR to fly aircraft, and when/how to apply. Direct or through an intermediary? Is documentation required?

When applying for a landing permit to land at any airport in the world, an operator must consider all requirements, such as the language of the application and when to apply. The purpose of the flight (refueling, crew rest, traffic landing, passenger, or cargo incoming or outgoing, ferry flights) …

The landing permits and airport slots process will be challenging because Qatar airport is extremely busy, which requires prior approval for aircraft to operate according to slot time aviation rules and during slot-controlled hours at the airport. Landing permits are required for all flights to the UAE.

Ground handling services

The method is mostly dependent on collaborating with globally top-quality and legally permitted providers with a strong and well-deserved company reputation. Furthermore, they monitor, examine, and evaluate our vendors’ performance on a regular basis to guarantee that the high level of Ground Handling service is maintained.

In ramp handling, every second counts and is 100% dedicated to ensuring that the customers’ tight schedules are met. Through our modern ramp services, Dubai Airports delivers a wide range of aircraft handling functions, including aircraft loading and unloading, technical support functions, provision of pushback vehicles, air start units, air conditioning units, ground power units, potable water units, and toilet servicing units.


Hotel accommodation

Because of the high number of flights in Qatar accommodate in every destination, Dubai knows which hotels convenience business travelers or flight and cabin will crew and meet clients’ security and comfort requirements. For all flights, Dubai offers global business hotel accommodations. Both passengers and crew can use hotel booking services. online hotel booking services can supply you with the greatest airport hotel bargains as well as recommend the most convenient business hotels, especially with only about 130,000 rooms provided by hotels, and cruise liners anchored off Doha and desert campsites. Dubai Will provide an attractive alternative destination for fans.


Catering onboard your private plane

Do you require in-flight catering for your upcoming flight? delivering aircraft inflight catering from the greatest airline catering providers or, if preferred, the best hotels and restaurants in the city They ensure that the catering services offered to you are tailored to your preferences while maintaining the greatest level of food safety.

Whether you’re flying short or long distances, the inflight food service is an important aspect of your flight strategy. During their vacation, your client will want at least a cup of tea and something to eat. From a quick breakfast to a full course dinner, they can assist you in arranging VIP catering for your next journey for your customer.


Fuel service

Dubai arranges fuel service at all locations very fast and competitively. Aviation fuel contract not only but also is a part of the service that goes together with other ramp ground activity.The buying approach is to purchase aviation fuel from local vendors. To guarantee that our clients receive the greatest possible value, we avoid buying from resellers or overseas vendors. additionally, in each area, engage with many aircraft fuel suppliers to supply our clients with the most inexpensive aviation fuel pricing, with enough notice, you can also supply your aircraft with AVGAS aviation fuel upon request. they are in contract with major, regional, and local aviation fuel suppliers around the world, and are always equipped to offer professional aviation fuel services according to your plane fueling specifications and needs.

Dubai will provide expert jet fuel solutions and services that encompass planning for your jet fuel services early to ensure that all the required things are done and enjoy hassle-free, efficient, and quick aviation fueling services in airports across the globe.

Transfer and Limousine services.

Chauffeured Limo Service for World cup travelers who are accommodating in Dubai for Transportation to/from airport/hotel/in-city.
iJET offers the best Limo services as we have a huge cabs fleet of different luxury cars, Vans, Sedans, SUV and Busses for tourists and groups transportation in Dubai. Choose the best car for your needs from our selection of Limousines, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, GMC, roll Royce, Bentley, Range Rover, and more cabs for your safe and quick transportation.

Our Professional Chauffeurs are multilingual and can speak your language to remove the stress of communication from your path.


Private Jet Charter

iJET Charter’s swift 24/7 customer support team comprises of charter experts to consult you in choosing the best jet for your trip from/to Doha & Dubai for World Cup 2022



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