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Dubai International Airport to Close its Southern Runway for 45 Days

Everything You Need to Know About the Runway Closure At DXB

Dubai International Airport is going to close its southern runway (12R-30L) for maintenance work between April 16 and May 30. The refurbishment project, scheduled for 45 days this year, will conduct a comprehensive upgrade designed to boost safety, service, and capacity levels Nearing the end of its design life, DXB’s southern runway needs complete resurfacing and replacements of lighting and infrastructure. iJET today discusses the impact of the closure on the airport, details about the closure, and the alternative airport to use during the 45 days.

Dubai International Airport had undergone a similar refurbishment project in 2014, during which the runway was closed for 80 days. At the time, DWC/ OMDW was available for diverted aircraft routes. The same is expected to happen this year. If you’re planning a trip during the April-May at the time of Dubai Airport’s runway closure, plan everything in advance, to ensure your flight is on schedule. Partner up with iJET to ensure your trip to Dubai will be a memorable one. With iJET planning flights to both the airports on a regular basis and with its strong networks with our business partners in the UAE, we guarantee to make your international trip to Dubai destined for success.

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