Where do the 1% go for an under the radar vacation ?

by Admin on May 27, 2018

Exclusive Vacation Sites Accessible Only by a Private Jet 

In our previous article we talked about where everyone is travelling this summer, but do you know where the most elite section of the society travels to? These destinations are luxury personified, with high-level security and privacy guaranteed, accessible only through private jets. Your clients might be planning a retreat from their busy schedule to relax in one of these exclusive luxury holiday destinations. To help you start your trip-planning we bring the standout destinations worldwide and important information needed to plan the perfect holiday for your valued clients. 


Necker Island 

necker islandThe stunning Neckar Island, owned by Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson, is ranked number 1 by LiveShareTravel in “Exclusive holiday destinations accessible by private jet charter”. The Caribbean hideaway has been a favourite holiday destination of the likes of Prince Harry, Prince William, other royal family members. 

The island is part of the limited edition private British Virgin Islands, with the main airport being Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport(EIS/TUPJ), also known as Beef Island Airport. 

Fixed wing aircraft are not able to land on Necker Island, however private aircraft can land at Virgin Gorda Airport (VIJ/ TUPW) or Beef Island airport (depending on aircraft size) and travel to Necker by boat or helicopter. Private and corporate operators do not require prior permission. But a flight plan is mandatory and must be filed to be received by the authorities two hours prior to ETA. 

Plan your client’s stay by checking the official site of the island. 

Paro, Kingdom of Bhutan 

Paro KingdomListed by Business Insider as one of the most incredible places to visit by a private jet, Bhutan, the unexplored Buddhist nation, is visited by VVIP’s for a spiritual vacation. Paro International Airport, the only choice to land, serves only two commercial airlines with visitors often required to make a political stop in India which can last for days. Thus, the Kingdom is best reached by a private jet. 

Paro International Airport is said to be the world’s most dangerous airport to land at, thus being well-prepared for your trip is a necessity. Both overflight and landing permit is required, which can take up to 10 days to process. It is advised by local authorities that arrivals should be made before 10.00 am local time due to wind restrictions. 

Lanai, Hawaii 

lanai-hawaiiLanai, once known as “The Pineapple Island”, has now become a burgeoning hub of luxury and an exclusive holiday destination. The Hawaiian island, owned by Larry Ellison, has many crazy facts which attract high net worth individuals to it. Hollywood celebrities and famous personalities arrive in their private jets for a retreat from their busy lives to find serenity, adventure, and privacy on Lanai. Plan your client’s trip from where to stay, things to do and more by visiting the official page for the island. 

Lanai’s only airport Lanai Airport can only be accessed via private jet. If you’re flying to Hawaii, you must request permission to land at your chosen entry point, usually 24 hours in advance. 


St. Moritz, Switzerland

Schweiz,Graubünden,Engadin,St.MoritzThe ski haven of world, St. Moritz in Switzerland,  symbolizes style, elegance, glitz, and glamour. It is only accessible by train, road, and private jet. If you opt for the first two you will have to fly to Zurich and bear another few hours on road. Visitors mostly fly on private jets, to Samedan Airport which is just 15 minutes from St. Moritz. 

If you’re flying from a Schengen country, you get free access to Switzerland. It should be noted that charter flights do require landing permit. Also, you must have a valid third-party insurance to use Swiss airspace. 

To plan the perfect trip for your client to the beautiful Alpine town, check out CNN’s guide St. Moritz.  


Preparing for the VVIP and the elite travelers requires the extra personal touch to make everything special and perfect. Also, planning a trip to these destinations can be challenging, thus it is essential to trust a reliable and worthy flight support provider. Contact us to discuss how we can eliminate errors and delays and ensure an extra special getaway for your extra special clients. 


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