Why Flight Planning Is Important and What Are Its Benefits?

by Admin on February 19, 2020

Aviation flight planning involves a lot of things. From fuel calculation to checking if all the air traffic control requirements are met, the flight planning process takes care of it all. Every minute we see flights taking off, but the take-off can only be completed once the operator is sure that the operational flight plan process is complete. But what all does international flight plan? And why is operational flight plan so important? Today at iJET, we tackle questions about aviation flight planning and how a flight travel planner partner makes it all easy for operators.

What s flight planning?

Flight planning, crucial for both domestic and international flights, produces an operational flight plan for an aircraft.

It involves two main things. First is the fuel calculation, through which it is ensured that the flight reaches its destination safely. And secondly, it ensures that the flight meet all the air traffic requirements.

How does a Flight travel planner minimize the overall cost?

A good flight travel planner helps to minimize the cost by choosing the best route according to the height and speed of the aircraft. The flight trip planner will devise the route that enables the minimum necessary aviation fuel on board.

Air Traffic Services (ATS) also make use of the final flight plan for air traffic management services. Like flight tracking and finding aircrafts in during search and rescue (SAR) missions.

Why is Flight Planning important?

  1. Safety

For aviation flight planning, the priority is always safety. We build technologies to ensure maximum safety for the passengers and crew on board the aircraft. The flight trip planner checks the NOTAMs, for both the arrival and departure airports, and also for the regions where the aircraft will overfly.

  1. Cost-efficient international flight plan

A good flight travel planner will try to limit the risks and try to minimize the fuel consumption, to avoid unnecessary expenses. Through flight planning software, aviation flight planning tries to make the flight both time-efficient and cost-efficient.

Flight Planning Services

To ensure that all the factors are taken into consideration for flight planning, it is always beneficial to work with a good flight support company like iJET. At iJET, we consider factors all factors including fuel burn estimates, aircraft performance data, routing restrictions, and reliable ETEs, to make the best flight plan for your trip.

iJET Flight Planning services includes-

  • Route planning
  • Computer flight plans
  • ATC flight plan filing
  • NOTAMs
  • Weather briefings
  • Flight tracking
  • Runway analysis

Want to know international trip-planning and flight operations?

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