Flying to Sochi International Airport (URSS) for FIFA World Cup 2018: NOTAMS

by Admin on May 21, 2018

Sochi International Airport (URSS), considered as one of the best regional airports in Russia, is going to witness a huge influx of flights during the FIFA World Cup 2018 . The Fisht stadium in Sochi is going to host four group matches, a ‘Round of 16’ match, and a quarter-final. To help you with your trip-planning to Sochi, we bring you the updated NOTAMs for the Sochi airport that will be applicable from 15th June till 08th July 2018. 



Permission for flight operations in Sochi International Airport- 

  • Permissions to operate international non-scheduled (single) flight shall be issued by federal air transport agency. 
  • Permission (or refusal of issuing permission) shall be issued within 5 working days, from the moment of reception of the request for flight operation.  
  • It is subject to availability of allocated slot confirmed by Sochi AD operator (AD administration).  


Conditions for the flight operations request- 

  • Airlines must submit requests for single flight operation either in Russian or in English, no later than 30 calendar days before flight operation. 
  • The request will be made to federal air transport agency and in copy to main air traffic management centre (MATMC). 
  • It should be sent to the following address: 


Federal air transport agency



e-mail:[email protected]

MATMC should be in copy



e-mail:[email protected]


  • The request must be submitted in form of formalized application as form N. Form N sample is published in AIP of Russian federation parts GEN 1.2-13 AND GEN 1.2-14.  
  • In addition, to Form N, it is also required to submit confirmation from Sochi AD operator (AD administration) 
    • slot allocation 
    • information about insurance 
    • other liability insurance for damage caused to third persons and to aircraft 


In case of changes to flight- 

  • The following request for single flight operations are allowed: 
    • Change to numerical part of the flight number 
    • Execution of additional technical landings at international aerodromes of the Russian Federation.  
    • It will be accepted on the condition of compliance with allocated slot confirmed by Sochi AD operator (AD administration) 
    • Replacement of aircraft to reserved one
  • Flight plan indicating expected time of arrival must be submitted along with a request for a new slot to Sochi AD operator (AD administration), in case of: 
    • Departure delay exceeding 30 minutes 
    • Arrival is expected to delay for over 30 minutes (for up to three-hour flight) 
    • Arrival is expected to delay for over 45 minutes (for more than three-hour flight).  


Essentials for Business aviation operators- 

  • Business aviation aircraft operators are required to submit copies of the following valid documents: 
    • Aircraft registration certificate 
    • Airworthiness certificate  
    • Pilot licenses of flight crew members.  
  • They can change entry/exit points to/from Russian Federation and change aerodrome of departure/landing outside the territory of the Russian Federation. In this case, it is necessary to submit additional flight plan containing intended changes. 


Parking and Slots at Sochi International Airpot URSS –

  • It should be noted that permission for flight operations requiring long-time parking (exceeding 2hours) for all types of aircraft will not be issued. It will only be issued for the head of state flightofficial delegation flight, and for flight carried out in interests of 2018 FIFA world cupThis is conditioned by aircraft handling schedules and other well-founded reasons by coordination with Sochi AD operator (AD administration).  
  • In case of non-compliance with a confirmed allocated slot, permissions issued earlier for operations of subsequent flights may be canceled. 


When to submit the request via Diplomatic Channel? 

  • Requests to be submitted via diplomatic channels to the ministry of foreign affairs of Russian Federation for flights operated for the transportation of: 
    • Heads of foreign states 
    • Governments 
    • Official delegations headed by them 

Such requests shall be submitted in form of formalized application as form N, no later than 10 days before commencement of flight operation. 

  • Issuance of permission and coordinated conditions to the applicant shall be executed by federal air transport agency through MATMC for the ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation. 


What to do under unforeseeable conditions? 

  • In case of force-majeure circumstances connected with diplomatic flights, information will be accepted by MATMC, 24 hours to the following address: 

FAX: 7-(495)-601-08-07, 7-(495)-601-07-64. 

  • Requests for flights connected with force-majeure circumstances as well as flights operated for medical purposes (when operated from Sochi AD) will be accepted by MATMC, 24 hours to the following addresses:  




FAX: 7-(495)-601-07-64.

In copy to federal air transport agency: 




Also, in copy to Sochi airport: 



Requests for flights which will not be accepted- 

  • Requests for single flights of state aviation of foreign states (excluding flights connected with transportation of officials and flights operated for the purposes of 2018 FIFA world cup) and for single flights of experimental aviation of foreign states (including flights of air balloons, airships etc.) To/from Sochi AD will not be accepted during the world cup.  
  • No permissions for any non-scheduled flight connected with forming payload in Sochi airport (URSS) will be issued to air transport enterprises unless such flight is intended for air transport service of arrival/departure of participants and guests of 2018 FIFA world cup in Sochi city. 
  • Flights of aircraft with INOP APU shall not be planned to Sochi AD as well 


Possible delays and long-time holdings- 

  • Possible long-time holdings of arriving aircraft and further diverts to alternate aerodromes as well as departure delays, because of Sochi AD congestion, shall be considered when calculating fuel load. If it is technically available, refueling shall not be planned at Sochi AD, to minimize the time required for aircraft handling. 


If you’re flying for any of the 6 matches to be held in Sochi, make sure you’ve done your trip-planning well in advance. Read NOTAMs for other host cities to keep yourself updated. Talk to us, to know how we can help you with an efficient flight that will be on time, always. 

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