Getting a Landing Permit in Cambodia Becomes Challenging

by Admin on October 11, 2018

Recent changes impacting aircraft operator`s permit application process

Planning a flight or flying to Cambodia becomes difficult, especially for short-notice flights, with the new lead time for landing permits. By introducing the new changes for landing permit, the Cambodia Civil Aviation (SSCA) has made flight operations more arduous and less flexible for flights flying to Cambodia. iJET, in its mission to keep the aviation world informed of any and every change, brings you the 5 things you must know about the new change.

  1. New lead time vs old lead times
    Earlier the lead time for landing permits in Cambodia was 24-72 hours, with most of the permits being approved in one day. Now it will take a surprising 3-5 working days to secure landing permits. Except for medical evacuations, all landing permits will now be approved by the Minister in Charge of the SSCA. Thus, the delay in the approval for landing permits.
  2. Keep extra time in hand during weekends
    Aircraft operators should note that it is unlikely for the landing permits to be processed during weekends, as the SSCA is closed. Thus, additional time should be taken into consideration while planning flights over the weekend.
  3. Changes into action for all three Cambodia Airports
    The new lead time for landing permit will be applicable for all three Cambodia Airports- Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH/ VDPP), Siem Reap International Airport (REP/ VDSR), and Sihanoukville International Airport (KOS/VDSV).
  4. Aircrafts must carry Towbar
    It is mandatory for all aircraft to carry a tow bar, due to the rising airport congestion. This is not applicable for aircraft usually used by airlines. This regulation comes into action if during departure a pushback is required.
  5. Slots required for all 3 Cambodia Airports
    The three airports in Cambodia are slot restricted. Slot approval is a prerequisite to secure a landing permit in Cambodia. But once you have the permit, changes in the schedule will only require an update in the slots.

On the upside, this change is not applicable for overflight permits and medevac flights. But ‘Asia is the New Europe for Private Charter Global Community’ , thus having less flexibility in planning a flight to Southeast Asian nations like Cambodia, becomes a worrisome cause for aircraft operators and the business aviation market. Two things become extremely important for operators flying to Cambodia. First, planning your flight in advance to have the extra time in your hands. And second partnering up with a reliable and efficient flight support provider like iJET to ensure your flights is on time, every time.

iJET plans regular flights for aircraft operators flying to Southeast Asian countries. We combine our rich global network and expertise with efficient customer care services to deliver unparalleled services to our clients. To know more about our flight permit services, talk to our operations advisor today.


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