Ground Handling Considerations When Visiting Top East Asia Destinations

by Admin on June 23, 2019

Taking Care of Ground Handling Services in Airports in East Asia

East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam) is the rising region for both tourism and business travel. Asia has become the new Europe for private charter with a rise in the demand for private flying. The countries in East Asia, especially China, are witnessing rapid growth in general aviation. Searches for ‘Aviation service East Asia’ and ‘East Asia airline ground services’ increases with the growth in the market. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CACC) has predicted that the number of general aviation aircraft in China will meet 10,000 in 2020. The recent years the East Asian air routes were amongst the ones that saw some of the most significant gains. With the rise of business aviation in the East Asian region, airports too are becoming more business aviation friendly.

iJET today talks about the ground handling services consideration at main airports in East Asia. And also, about how iJET can assist you with airport ground operations ensuring seamless trip to East Asia destinations this year.

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK/ ZBAA)

With China all set to displace the US as the world’s largest aviation market, one of its most important airport PEK/ ZBAA is getting busier each day. A few years there was no General Aviation Terminals or FBO in China. But the growth of business aviation meant heavy investment which led to the construction of some excellent FBOs in the country.

Without proper ground handling arrangements at Beijing Airport, there can be major issues. Like delay in aviation fuel, missed ground transportation, incorrect in-flight catering arrangements, and more. When operating to China, it is important to work with a professional flight support provider like iJET to ensure a smooth trip. With their local network, iJET can ensure that all your ground handling requirements are arranged before your aircraft lands at Beijing Capital International Airport. Ground handling services aviation fuel, lavatory service, in-flight catering should always be requested well in advance to avoid delays.

For general aviation, there are five self-taxi parking bays. Non-self-taxi parking spots are available all over the Beijing Capital Airport, but they are at a distance from the General Aviation Terminal. Work with a reliable flight support partner, like iJET, to avoid any inconvenience or delay.

Another important ground handling service is aviation fuel. Paying on-the-spot for jet fuel without pre-arrangement can lead to a higher price. Let your flight support partner take care of it.

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Tokyo International Airport / Haneda Airport (HND/ RJTT)

When operating to Japan’s most important airport, Tokyo International Airport, advance planning is a must. For a successful operation to Tokyo International Airport / Haneda Airport work with a reliable flight support partner like Japan.

Paring for general aviation at Haneda Airport is available for 30 days with 18 parking stands available. Parking duration at the airport is available for 7 days maximum. Ground handling services like handling in-flight catering, concierge services, ground transportation, taking care of aviation fuel uplift becomes a smooth process when working with a professional 3rd party provider.

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Hong Kong International Airport (HKG/ VHHH)

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and also one of the most challenging to operate for general aviation. Hong Kong Airport had increased its airport’s slots briefly to cater to the demands of the rise in general aviation and business aviation last year. This increase in airport slots has been extended to March 31, 2020. Even after this relief operating to Hong Kong can be pretty complicating. Work with a flight support partner to ensure that you don’t have any loopholes in your trip to Hong Kong.

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Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN/ VVTS)

When traveling to Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat International Airport, start planning at least 7 days in advance. Work with an experienced flight support partner for timely ground handling services. Professional flight support company, like iJET, partner up with local ground handlers to ensure all ground services are ready before you land.

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Incheon International Airport (ICN/ RKSI)

When visiting the beautiful city of Seoul in South Korea, Incheon International Airport (ICN/ RKSI) will be the airport to land in. Incheon Airport operates 24 hours and is an airport of entry. ICN/ RKSI has ground handling services available 24 hours. When operating to Incheon Airport you don’t need PPR but airport slots are required. With no FBO option, CIQ clearance will be done in the main terminal. Self-handling is not recommended.

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