Ground Handling Supervisor: Top 12 Responsibilities!

by Admin on September 20, 2022

The airline industry faces sustained and increasing pressure on revenues and profits. Many airlines are therefore ready to significantly reduce costs on the one hand and improve service to their customers on the other.

For an airline, the main activity might be designing the network, flying the aircraft, defining the marketing strategy and ensuring growth and profitability. For Duties, may be subcontracted to another company. Especially at airports that are not major hubs as it can be expensive to do all the services with your staff. Many people are needed for ticketing, check-in, boarding, loading and unloading, catering, etc. And a lot of these tasks are done by a ground handling company.

What is Ground Handling Supervisor?

However, it still requires those who supervise and coordinate the ground handling operation and ensure that all work will be done and recorded in a synchronized manner. dedicated supervisors who will act as your airline’s representative and will do their best to ensure your flight rotations are coordinated in a timely and efficient manner. they are there to support ground operations, by coordinating, monitoring and maintaining aircraft handling and passenger operations where they oversight of personnel conducting airside operations during aircraft turnaround and ramp/apron activities

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The Process of Ground Handling Supervision

Upon arrival, ground handling services are immediately performed. At the same time, passengers are taken to the VIP lounge when present. Passengers can then relax while all visa, customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) formalities are being processed. The ground handling supervisor oversees this process to ensure that documents are handled efficiently and correctly. After all formalities are completed, passengers are loaded onto the waiting transport vehicle, their luggage is already stowed. The supervisor follows the same procedure and take care of the crew. Once all treatments are complete, the supervisor will accompany them to their hotel to facilitate smooth arrival and check-in.

Upon departure, the supervisor meet the crew again at the hotel and escort them back to the airport to assist with all CIQ handling, refuelling, as well as Final ground and aircraft preparation. Our supervisor will then wait for the passenger to arrive and once again assist them through the CIQ process, from security check, to boarding. Our group stayed at the airport until the plane departed.


Top 12 Essential Responsibilities of Ground Handling Supervisor

Ground handling supervisors should be experienced professionals in ramp and cargo handling as they maintain close liaison with the Ground Handler and ensure smooth execution of formalities to

  1. Monitor the performance of ground handling assistants, take action to correct shortfalls
  2. Liaise with the Assistant Ground Handling Manager, Airport Operations Manager, Handling Officer and Chief Security Officer, Alliance Representative and other airport stakeholders
  3. Manage the creating and execution of ground operations procedures and performance management of third parties on outstations
  4. Practice and ensure safety and security procedures are followed in accordance with health and safety regulations and in accordance with international aviation standards
  5. Inspects runways, taxiways, aircraft parking aprons, and fuel facilities for hazards; coordinates with appropriate parties for corrective actions
  6. Lead the Passenger Services, Ticket Counters, Check-in and Lounges to provide consistent and professional service.
  7. Oversight of marshalling and moving of the aircraft, flight-deck communications
  8. Ensure that all passenger related systems, such as departure control systems, are up to date and usable
  9. Oversight of Cabin equipment and Catering ramp handling
  10. Manage all aspects of baggage: check-in, tracking, lost and damaged baggage
  11. Develops and implements airport operational policies, rules, and regulations for safety and certification manuals.
  12. Oversight of Exterior/interior cleaning, Ramp fueling/defueling operations and Toilet/Water services

Supervisor should be able to:ground handling supervision 2

  • Performance monitoring
  • Create an open reporting culture
  • Coordination of airside activities
  • Decision making
  • Workload management
  • Operation planning
  • Emergency response
  • Accident, Incident, Near-miss Reporting, Investigative and Preventive Methods


Why to Hire Ground Handling Supervision

Hiring a ground handling supervisor is very important if you want to ensure operational safety on the ground for a comfort mind guaranteeing an excellent service of ground handling by an oversight of a professional supervisor, where you will find:

  • All station activity is monitored during aircraft arrival/departure.
  • The Supervisor provides punctual, safe and reliable operations.
  • Enhance safety management of the turnround process.
  • Improve punctuality performance through adherence to the station Precision Time Schedule (PTS).
  • Guarantee continuing compliance with company procedures and processes.

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