Increase in Domestic Flights in United States of America in July and August 2020

by Admin on June 9, 2020

The US skies saw a decline in flights but unlike many countries, domestic flights inside USA were still operational during the coronavirus pandemic. Although domestic flights inside USA saw a decline, there is a going to be an increase in the upcoming months. iJET has been helping operators flying in the US with flight support and aviation services for US Domestic Flights like swift flight permits, aviation fuel services, ground handling, and more.

Rise in Domestic flights in United States of America

While domestic flights in United States of America amidst covid-19 impact had fallen, it is now seeing an upward rise. American Airlines flew around 32,000 in April, in May it saw an upward shift to around 110,000. While as compared to last year the airlines will fly around 55% of its flights in July and August. But it is a positive shift to tackle the covid-19 impact, as more than half of the capacity is expected to be in service again.

United Airlines too will be restoring some of its flights that had been halted as a result of covid-19 impact. United flights inside USA will be down to 70% as compared to last July, but it is an improvement from June 2020, which saw a decline of 87%.

Low-cost airline, Frontier, too has announced that it will be flying to 18 new routes in June and July. The routes include flights to cities like Boston, Chicago, Newark and Philadelphia.

While the government has granted approval to 15 airlines to halt services at around 75 domestic airports for flights inside USA due to the Covid-19 impact on aviation, all is not lost. Hope comes in form of domestic flights in United States of America seeing an increase as compared to last few months.

Where flights inside USA will increase?

Airports that will see an increase in the frequency of flights include Dallas-Fort Worth and Charlotte Douglas. Flights inside USA to cities like Florida, Montana, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming will also increase, as the government has announced re-opening of National Parks in these cities. Other cities which will see an increase of flights inside USA, include Charleston, South Carolina; Portland, Maine; and Las Vegas, where major casino-hotels have reopened.

Aviation services for US Domestic Flights

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