Italy’s Milan Linate Airport to Close from July to October This year

by Admin on February 7, 2019

Alternative Airports for Private Jets in Milan, During the Milan Linate Airport Closure in Summer 2019

One of Italy’s top airport Milan Linate (LIML/ LIN) is going to be shut down for 3 months, this year. Nearly 2.5 million passengers are expected to be affected by this move. For private jet users, Milan Linate Airport is the airport of choice when flying to Milan, as the airport is the closest and fastest choice. The airport is only 8km from the city centre and is open for private jets 24 hours a day. The proximity to the city centre makes it the preferred airport among business and leisure travellers. iJET discusses the alternative airport options to be used during the closure.

When will the closure happen?

Milan Linate Airport (LIML/ LIN), the fifth-busiest airport in Italy, will be closed from 26 July to 28 October 2019, as the airport is having its single runway resurfaced. Milan Linate’s old and tired airport terminal will also be refreshed during the closure.

Alternative Private Jet Airport Options in Milan

  • Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC/ MXP)
  • Orio al Serio International Airport/ Bergamo airport (LIME/ BGY)

Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC/ MXP), the largest airport in the Milan and second-busiest in Italy, is the best alternative to Milan Linate Airport for private jet travellers. A business aviation friendly airport, Milan Malpensa, can accommodate aircrafts of all types and sizes, including larger wide-body aircraft. Milan Malpensa is ideal for travelling to the west side of Milan, and areas near the lakes Lago Maggiore or Lago di Como.

The downside to the airport is that Milan Malpensa is around 50 km from Milan city centre. Also, during the closure flights to Milan Linate will have to be diverted to the already crowded and under pressure- Milan Malpensa airport. A 45% increase of passenger traffic is expected at Milan Malpensa during the three months closure of Milan Linate.

Another shortcoming for business aviation travellers, is that Milan Malpensa has no General aviation terminal (GAT) or FBO. CIQ clearance at LIMC/ MXP takes place in commercial terminal 2. iJET, pre-arranges fast-track services for private jet travellers to avoid the commercial traffic.

Milan Malpensa accepts all types of aircraft for parking, but aircraft parking on the local apron have to be pre-arranged. Also, during the closure, due to traffic being diverted from Milan Linate, airport parking can be challenging, as there is no dedicated GA apron. Aircraft operators also require a parking confirmation issued by the Milan Malpensa airport. Work with your reliable flight support partner iJET, to ensure everything is pre-arranged for your private jet before you reach the airport.

Distance to Milan city centre: 40 km approximately
Runways (ft): 12861 x 197
Airport Hours: 24 hours airport & ATC with restrictions

Orio al Serio International Airport

Orio al Serio International Airport/ Bergamo airport (LIME/ BGY), in the city of Bergamo, is the second-best alternative to Milan Linate Airport for private jet travellers. Located around 45 km in north east side of Milan, Bergamo airport is perfect for private jet fliers travelling to Eastern suburbs of Milan and beautiful Lago d’Iseo. Bergamo airport (LIME/ BGY) is suited for small props, small jets, medium jets, long range jets, regional airliners and large airliners.

Distance to Milan: 45 km approximately
Runways (ft): 9429 x 148
Airport Hours: 24 hours airport & ATC with restrictions

If your planning a trip during the summer season at the time of Milan Linate closure, plan everything in advance, in order to secure required parking. Partner up with iJET to ensure your trip to Milan will be a smooth and fast process.

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