Why London Business Aviation Airport ?

by Admin on June 28, 2022

Every year, millions of UK citizens fly in and out of London’s popular airports like Gatwick and Heathrow. However, unbeknownst to most, London also plays host to 14 private jet airports where the wealthy elite charter private jets and fly all around the world in high-class style and comfort

London is one of the most famous private jet charter destination in the world. In fact, it is the busiest city for private jet charter in Europe. Also it is one of the most known cities served for business aviation. Paris Le Bourget and Geneva are Europe’s busiest gateways for those travelling privately, but at least seven airports vie for business aviation traffic into the UK capital – and that does not include Heathrow and Gatwick.

Many business travelers hire private jets into and out of London City because the two major financial centers of London are Royal Docks and Canary Wharf, which is three miles away.


What is an FBO?

An FBO airport will have a private jet terminal – where private jet customers will arrive instead of using the main airport facilities. It is often a purpose-built facility separate from the main airport buildings – offering a range of services for customers, aircraft, and crew. Sometimes it may be a whole airport dedicated to business aviation, an example being Farnborough in London, or it may be a small lounge within an airport terminal.

Farnborough Airport as a business aviation airport provides full service FBO for passengers, crew and aircraft, Unlike any other private airport in Europe, it offers unparalleled FBO services and amenities for passengers, crew and aircraft just outside central London.

With an award winning main terminal, control tower and hangar architecture. Passengers may drive directly to awaiting jets, assuring the most discrete and convenient flight experience anywhere.


Which airport should you choose for Private Jet to London?

Here are 7 Private jet airports in London :private jet


  • London Luton (LTN / EGGW)

One of the most popular London based private jet airports with 2 FBOs. Located an hour north of London, Luton airport offers 3 terminals dedicated to business aviation. Open 24/7, this airport accommodates all private jet types.

  • London Northolt (NHT/ EGWU)

The most exclusive private jet airport in London is Royal Air Force Northolt .Located 40 minutes west of London, Northolt is a military airport. Opened from Monday to Friday, it is closed on the weekends and prior permission is required to operate on this terrain.

  • London Biggin Hill (BQH / EGKB)

Located an hour from London, Biggin Hill airport welcomes a large number of private jet movements each year. Fitted with two private jet terminals, this airport offers long opening hours, is equipped for animal entry, and does not require slots reservations.

  • London City (LCY / EGLC)

Located in the heart of London, this airport is the closest one to the city center. With a short runway, crews have to be qualified and only certain aircraft can operate at this airport. Hours of operations are limited on the weekend and extensions are not granted

  • London Stansted (STN – EGSS)

It’s one of three airports in London that can handle VIP jets larger than the Boeing 767. Located to the northeast of London, this airport offers several business aviation terminals and remains open 24/7.

  • London Heathrow (LHR / EGLL)

Major airport, London Heathrow gives priority to commercial airlines and only accepts private jet when connecting to a commercial flight. A slot reservation is required which the FBO can help in obtaining and landing fees are higher than other airports.

  • London Farnborough (FAB/ EGLF)

The most famous private jet airport in Europe, London Farnborough Airport is famous worldwide for its VIP facilities, its décor, and its stylish interiors. Located a little over an hour west of London, Farnborough airport is entirely dedicated to business aviation and offers VIP terminals.  Passengers can also access their private jet directly thanks to their slot reservation number.


What are the Business Aviation Benefits ? 


1- Economic and Societal Benefits

  • Direct, indirect and induced effects from economic activity of the sector create jobs, income and economic activity
  • Potential cost savings compared with business or first-class flights on commercial scheduled services, particularly when several executives are travelling together
  • Potential cost savings on overnight accommodations as users may return home at any time instead of being forced to stay overnight in their destinations
  • The ability to make more effective use of travelling time in a more private and comfortable environment; for example, holding meetings, reading confidential documents and offering hospitality to clients. For leisure travellers, increased comfort provides for increased relaxation and allows users to be more productive when returning to work
  • Perceived advantages in terms of greater security for staff and high–value goods; for example, from terrorism or concerns over lower air safety standards in some countries

2- Business Efficiencies

  • Reduced access time to and from Business Aviation airports as compared with large commercial ones (such as Paris, London, or Moscow) as Business Aviation airports tend to be closer to city centres
  • The ability to cover multiple business destinations a lot more quickly with aircraft available to fly whenever the user is ready to depart, as opposed to waiting for commercial departures and limiting the ability to travel to multiple destinations in one day
  • Faster travel from origin to destination given the flexibility and convenience of instantly accessible pointto-point air links that avoid the need for connections
  • Increased schedule flexibility for users given that Business Aviation aircraft depart when users are ready. Users can wrap up meetings and complete site visits, ensuring all work is completed before departing. With commercial aviation, the airline schedule forces travellers to depart even though work may not yet be completed
  • Major time savings to business users from avoiding congested major commercial passenger airports and taking off from small, less busy Business Aviation airports
  • Time savings as Business Aviation flights are less susceptible to strikes and other disruptions affecting commercial airlines since most Business Aviation movements are between smaller airports or dedicated Business Aviation airports that have a smaller staff footprint or bottleneck points of failure

3- Improved Connectivity

The ability to travel directly to areas not well served by commercial airlines, that is, providing connectivity for business travellers to the global aviation network

 4- Medical Flights

The ability to provide emergency medical and air ambulance services to communities and regions where hospitals and specialized treatment centres are not always available


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