What do millennials think is in Store for Business Aviation?

by Admin on September 13, 2018

Important takes from EBAA’s new survey “How Millennials see the Future of Business Aviation”

Business Aviation is on an upwards journey in today’s world of flying cars. A key factor contributing to this journey is the millennials and their big expectations from the BizAv industry. To know more about their hopes and aspirations from the Business Aviation, EBAA conducted a survey for aviation geeks between the age of 18-25 in four major aviation hubs of Europe – Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. The survey opened discussions surrounding Business Aviation and the future of sustainable personal air transport. iJET, being a part of EBAA, brings you the top 4 findings from the ground-breaking survey and our take on it:

  1. Sustainability is the way for Business Aviation

For Millennials, sustainability is the biggest concern when it comes to private air transport.

iJET, dealing aircraft operators globally, has witnessed a steadily shift in people opting for more and more for sustainable personal air transport and environmental-friendly aviation fuel.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digitization are next in line

The 2 other major factors millennials are looking for in private jets is digitization of the Biz Av industry. With AI with the future of technology, it is no surprise that millennials want to incorporate it in Biz Av. But we believe, that while some part of the flight management services can be digitized but other parts will still need human touch to it.

  1. The biggest advocate for Private Jet is its Flexibility

A staggering 62%, believes that the key factors for going with Business Aviation is its flexibility and the freedom it offers. At iJET, dealing with hundreds of flights, their management, and providing their flight support services, we have come to realize that flexibility is the key to customer satisfaction and is also the main aspect why people opt for private jets.

  1. The prime factors hindering Business aviation is cost

Cost is the main challenge, according to millennials, in making private jet as option for everyday travel transportation. But when taken into consideration the time you save, if you’ve to make multiple stops, and the number of people flying, the flexibility and comfort it offers private charter in fact becomes the more economical way to travel.

The survey gives a good idea about the way in which Biz Av is going and the areas that needs to be worked now. These millennials are our future, and their thoughts on private jets are going to change the future of business aviation. To widen the horizon of aviation world, and business aviation in specific, the veterans and the millennials of aviation world will have to work together to create a technologically advanced and sustainable BizAv industry. Read the full article by EBAA here.

iJET, being on the top of its game to offer you the best flight management services, have always believed in the key factors of this survey which is sustainability. We at every step of the way try to empathize with the needs of our planets and offer environmentally friendly services as and where possible.

To know more about sustainable fuel, or eco-friendly aircrafts, talk to our operations advisor today.

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