Night Curfew at Seletar Airport in Singapore from 1st January 2019

by Admin on December 13, 2018

Operating In XSP/ WSSL Is Going to Become Challenging

Seletar Airport (XSP/ WSSL) in Singapore serves commercial and business aviation, along with international aircraft charters, private flights, medical evacuation, cargo, and offers maintenance, repair, and overhauls as well as freighter operations. It has been an important airport in Singapore for general aviation. But soon operating to Seletar Airport (XSP/ WSSL) is going to become challenging because of implementation of a new noise abatement curfew at the airport. Today at iJET, we tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming night curfew at Seletar Airport (XSP/ WSSL).

Why is it being implemented?

The residents at Seletar, have been complaining about noise issues in the city. Hence, to address the complaint the Singapore Civil Aviation decided to implement a noise abatement night curfew at Seletar Airport (XSP/ WSSL).

When it will come into effect?

The curfew at Seletar Airport will come into effect from 1 January 2019.

What will be the hours of the curfew?

The curfew will restrict operations in Seletar Airport between 14:00-23:00 UTC.

Does it apply to all flights?

The noise abatement night curfew at Seletar Airport (XSP/ WSSL) is applicable for all flights, except medevac and emergency flights.

About Seletar Airport

Runway Length (ft): 6024 x 151

Airport Hours: Open 24 hours with restrictions

Aviation Fuel Availability: AVGAS JET

Time Zone: UTC +8

Slots required: No

Further expected changes

Currently, Seletar Airport is being used for general aviation traffic but there are talks of new changes at the airport. Commercial turboprop operations are expected to be introduced in Seletar Airport (XSP/ WSSL).

iJET, suggests aircraft operators to keep sufficient time in hand to plan their flight to Seletar Airport. With the night curfew and expected commercial turboprop operations at the airport, there can be taxi and/or runway delays. Also, aircraft operators should be prepared for Seletar Airport (XSP/ WSSL) requiring slots in the future. For on time and efficient flights to Singapore, let iJET assist you. Our operations team is available 24/7 to answer any query you have.

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