NOTAMs: For pilots travelling to Russia World Cup 2018 (Part-1)

by Admin on April 29, 2018

People all over the world are planning for their trip to world cup 2018 in Russia. NOTAMs have been issued for managing and organizing the schedules of aircrafts flying in and out of Russia during the world cup. With so many updates coming in on a regular interval, it is important to have it all with you, for your perfect trip to FIFA 2018. Along with general NOTAMs, we also bring you NOTAMs specific to certain airports- URSS in Sochi, UWPS in Saransk, and URRP in Rostov-on-Don.


Recent NOTAMs for airports in Russia applicable during the world cup-

  1.  Arrival slot tolerance is 30 minutes for legs up to 3 hours and 45 minutes for longer ones.
  2. Departure slot tolerance is 30 minutes.
  3. If you do not comply with your allocated slots, permission for your subsequent flights will be cancelled, even if it has been issued already.
  4. You should be prepared for possible long-time holdings of your arriving aircraft. Also, further diverts to alternate aerodromes as well as departure delays can happen.
  5. Talk to your flight support partner about the refueling of your aircraft. If fuel is technically available, refueling shall not be planned.
  6. If you’re flying an aircraft with INOP APU, it shall not be planned.
  7.  For your business aviation flights, the standard parking time is 40 minutes.
  8. For the maintenance of your aircraft, discuss alternative options with your flight support partnered, as aircraft maintenance will not be provided.
  9. Have you applied for slots? If no, then apply today, as slots must be applied at least 1 month prior to your flight.


NOTAMs for URSS, UWPS, URRP for the World Cup 2018

URSS (Sochi International Airport)

  1. Permission for international and domestic flight operations requiring long-time parking (exceeding 2hours) will be issued for the head of state flight, official delegation flight, and flight carried out in interests of 2018 FIFA world cup. Flights will be conditioned by aircraft handling schedules and other well-founded reasons by coordination with Sochi AD operator.
  2. If the departure delays is +30 minutes or arrival delay is +30 minutes (for up to 3-hour flight) or +45 minutes (for more than three-hour flight) – Flight plan indicating expected time of arrival must be submitted as well as a request for a new slot to Sochi AD operator.
  3. No permissions for any non-scheduled flight connected with forming payload in Sochi airport will be issued to air transport enterprises unless such flights are intended for air transport service of arrival/departure of participants and guests of 2018 FIFA world cup in Sochi city. 4. Possible long-time holdings of arriving aircraft and further diverts to alternate aerodromes as well as departure delays, as a result of Sochi aerodrome congestion, shall be taken into account when calculating fuel load. Also, if it is technically available, refueling shall not be planned at Sochi, to minimize the time required for aircraft handling.

More NOTAMS for Sochi International Airport URSS to be issued. 


UWPS (Saransk Airport in Mordovia)

Airport not available as alternative option. 

  1. Arrival and departure of VIP and charter flight provided as follow:
    • No limitations for aircraft without passenger on board
    • For aircraft with passenger:
Arrival  Departure 
Date  Time  Date  Time 
June 16  05:00-16:00  June 16- 17  20:15- 07:15 
June 19  01:00-12:00  June 19-20  16:15- 03:15 
June 25  07:00-18:00  June 25-26  22:15- 09:15 
June 28  07:00-18:00  June 28-29  22:15- 09:15 


3. If your flight is according to schedule, it will be carried out without limitations.

4. Aircraft parking will be limited by time periods: 

  • 1 class aircraft (MTOM 75t or more) turn-round flight of domestic RTE -40 minutes, 
  • 2 class aircraft (MTOM 30-75t) turn-round flight of International ATS RTE – 1 hour 
  • 3 class aircraft and lower including HEL (MTOM 10t or less) – 40 minutes. 
  • all business aviation flight – 40 minutes

5. Long-term parking (more than two hours) for all aircraft not provided. 

6. Providing of long-term parking (more than two hours) for aircraft carrying out flight in the interest of FIFA-2018 to Saransk city due to operation schedule of aircraft servicing and other reasonable causes available on coordination with airport administration only. 


URRP (Platov Airport in Rostov-on-Don)


  1. Confirmation for airport slots intended to be parked for more than 2 hours will only be provided for VIP special flight and flight flying for FIFA world cup with due account of aircraft handling and other operational reasons. 
  2. In case of a request for change of the earlier approved airport slot, the preceding slot shall be cancelled, and the request shall be processed in regular order. 
  3. Change of numerical part of flight designator is acceptable as well as the substitution of aircraft for standby aircraft indicated in regular for a single flight. 
  4. You will require new slots if-
    Arrival of your flight is delayed for over 30 minutes (with estimated time of flight up to 3hours)Arrival of your flight is delayed for over 45minutes (with estimated time of flight over 3hours) 
  5. Flight shall be carried out with operational APU. 09 April 00:00 until 15 July 23:59. 


Stay tuned for NOTAMs Part 2, where we’ll tell you about important updates in other major airports of Russia during the world cup. 

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