NOTAMs: For pilots travelling to Russia World Cup 2018 (Part-2) 

by Admin on May 7, 2018

This post is in continuation from our article, titled “NOTAMs: For pilots travelling to Russia World Cup 2018, Part -1 

Keeping track of the updated regulations for host cities in Russia is a vital part of your trip planning for world cup 2018. In this article, we bring you the updated NOTAMs for Strigino Airport in Nizhniy Novgorod (UWGG), Koltsovo Airport in Yekaterinburg (USSS), Kurumoch in Samara (UWWW), and Sheremetyevo in Moscow (UUEE). 


UWGG (Strigino Airport in Nizhniy Novgorod) 

  1. Permissions will not be granted to carry out any non-scheduled flight connected with the formation of commercial load in Nizhniy Novgorod, during the duration of World Cup, except for flights carried out for FIFA 2018 aa well as VIP flight and flights in their support. 
  2. Duration of aircraft parking limited to:


For domestic flight

  • not more than 60 minutes when TKOF mass up to 30 tons 
  • not more than 90 minutes when TKOF mass from 30 to 70 tons 
  • not more than 120 minutes when TKOF mass above 70 tons 


For International flight

    • not more than 90 minutes when TKOF mass up to 70 tons  
    • not more than 120 minutes when TKOF mass from 70 to 150 tons 
    • not more than 150 minutes when TKOF mass above 150 tons 
    • Requests for parking of aircraft for more than 3 hours will be confirmed to VIP Flight and flight in their support, and to flight carried out in the interests of world cup 2018 organizational committee. 


3. Cheboksary Airport (UWKS) advised as holding area aero port for aircraft with TKOF mass up to 70 tons. 

4. In case of arrival delay of aircraft for more than 20 minutes flight will be handled subject to current aero port capabilities and priority of arrived scheduled flight. In case of delay of aircraft arrival at Nizhny Novgorod airport for more than 30 minutes, the time slot will be canceled. Application for a new time slot will be submitted in common queue. 

5. Airport will be available as an alternative by coordination with the authorities. 

6. Make sure to ensure the presence of tow bar on board of aircraft. 

7. When calculating fuel quantity, you must take into account that long delays of arriving aircraft in holding areas and further leaving for alternative aerodrome are possible as well as delays of departing aircraft due to high workload of the airport. If possible, you should avoid planning aircraft fueling at UWGG. 


USSS (Koltsovo Airport in Yekaterinburg) 

  1. Prioritizing international flight Arrival/Departure established as follows. 
    • First priority: Arrival flights 
    • Second priority: Departure of aircraft without passengers on board 
    • Third priority: Provision of airport services and ground handling for flight intended to depart within assigned slots coordinated by principal AD operator. 
Date  Time 
June 15  06:45-14:15 
June 21  09:45-17:15 
June 24  09:45-17:15 
June 26  08:45-16:15 


  • First priority: Departure flights 
  •  Second priority: Arrival of aircraft without passengers on board 
  • Third priority: Provision of airport services and ground handling for flight intended to arrive within assigned slots coordinated by main AD operator. 
Date  Time 
June 15  14:15-21:45 
June 21  17:15-23:59 
June 22  00:00-00:45 
June 24  17:15-23:59 
June 25  00:00-00:45 
June 27  16:15-23:45 


2. Confirmation of airport slots for flight intended to be parked for over 2 hours will be provided for VIP flight and flight to support world cup with due account of aircraft handling procedures and other operational reasons.

3. Confirmation of airport slots for flight intended to be parked for over 2 hours excluding scheduled flight will not be provided. 

4. In case of a request for alteration of the earlier approved airport slot, the preceding slot is subject to cancellation and the request shall be processed in regular order. 

5. Change of numerical part of flight designator is acceptable as well as swap of aircraft for reserve one indicated in the request for a single flight. In case of swap for aircraft requiring extra time for handling, slots are considered with regard to appropriate ground handling procedures. 

6. In case of delayed arrival for over 30minutes (with an estimated time of flight up to 3 hours) and for over 45minutes (with an estimated time of flight over 3hours) the slot for departure shall be cancelled and new slot shall be requested. 


UWWW (Kurumoch International Airport in Samara) 

  1. Flight procedures established during FIFA world cup 2018:   

Priority imposed on arrival/departure of aircraft carrying out international flight:  

  • First priority: Arrival aircraft.
  • Second priority: Departure aircraft with no passenger on board.  
  • Third priority: airport services and ground handling in coordination with the head operator for departure flights with hours stated below. 
Date  Time 
June 17  02:00-12:00 
June 21  02:00-12:00 
June 25  04:00-14:00 
June 28  0400-1400 
July 02  04:00-14:00 
July 07  04:00-14:00 
  • First priority: Departure aircraft.  
  • Second priority: Arrival aircraft with no passenger on board.  
  • Third priority: Provision of airport services and ground handling for arrival flights planned with hours stated below by coordination with the head operator. 
Date  Time 
June 17   14:00 – 22:00 
June 21  14:00 – 22:00 
June 25  16:00 – 23:59 
June 28   16:00 – 23:59 
July 02   16:00 – 23:59 
July 07   16:00 – 23:59 


2. Parking duration

  • 1 hour- For aircraft with a maximum take-off mass (MTOM) up to 50 tons carrying out special, charter or business aviation flight. 
  • 2 hours- For aircraft with MTOM exceeding 50 tons. 
  • These requirements do not affect aircraft carrying out the head of states flight and flight of special aircraft for their support, air transportation of FIFA world cup 2018 participants. In case of air carrier not adhering to an approved slot, other formerly approved slots for further flights will be cancelled. 

3. Aircraft operators planning special and charter flight must coordinate appropriate slot with airport head operator in any of following cases:  

  • Before submitting FPL
  • Departure delay
  • FPL change by 30 minutes or more

4. Aerodrome shall not be planned as an alternative for Boeing 767, Boeing 747, Boeing 777, A-330, A-340 types of aircraft

5. Due to air traffic congestion, arrival aircraft must consider possible divert to holding areas when planning required fuel. In order to reduce the time of ground handling, it is advised not to plan fueling in Samara/Kurumoch. Also, flights should not be planned in case of disabled APU.  

6. For planning non-scheduled (single) flight a slot received from the head operator is mandatory to acquire permission from federal air transport agency.  

7. You must have tow bar available on board.

UUEE (Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow) 

  1. Aerodrome will not be available for arrival/departure of non- scheduled flight which is not used for transportation of teams and groups of fans during the world cup.
  2. During the period of world cup 2018, aerodrome cannot be used as an alternative, except for special flight, medical and rescue flight, and aircraft in a situation of emergency. To divert aircraft to alternative Sheremetyevo aerodrome contact aerodrome administration.  



With the regulations applied more stringently during the world cup, it is important to understand all the NOTAMs issued for the host cities of FIFA 2018. For your trip to the world cup, it is recommended to work with a reliable flight support partner, who is well-acquainted with all the updated rules and regulations and can ensure a smooth operation of your flight. 

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