The Price of Jet Fuel – Are you overpaying?

by Admin on June 7, 2018

The best solution for aviation fuel is going through a reseller. Planning for aviation fuel services is always a wise thing. Similarly researching for a trustworthy reseller is always beneficial. In this article we discuss factors that will help you with the wise purchasing of aviation fuel.


Transparency in Invoice 

Many aviation fuel resellers quote a price without adding the hidden charges, with the invoice having an amount much larger than the initial quoted aviation fuel price. Select a reseller who provides you with the full amount, adding the various taxes, price validity, fees, and customs duty, offering you 100% transparency on your jet fuel services. 

Contracts with Jet Fuel Suppliers worldwide 

Choose a reseller who has strong network and contracts with international, regional, and local fuel suppliers worldwide, to offer you the best possible jet fuel price. The reseller should be able to compare the jet fuel prices amongst different sellers and ensure that the supplier is not swindling you. 

Cash or cashless payment? 

Is your reseller offering aviation fuel on credit basis? Paying for aviation fuel by yourself can be tricky. Paying by cash is inconvenient and unsafe. While credit cards are not accepted everywhere, even if they are accepted the surcharges increases the overall amount. Thus, choose a reseller who makes the payment fuel for you, and charge you after the aviation fuel services have been delivered. 


Discounts, VAT exemption and more 

Is your reseller offering you the best fuel option? Resellers are often eligible for discounts and can also reduce your VAT liability, by providing you a Value Added Tax (VAT) compliant invoice. Go for a reseller who is expert in the field and had detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations of different airports to assist you to acquire the most cost-effective aviation fuel solution. 


iJET qualifies for all the above and offer all type of jet fuel to commercial, cargo, private, and military jet operators worldwide. Jet A, Avgas, Jet A-1 fuel, and more- our global network of major and local fuel suppliers ensure that we are well- equipped to refuel your aircraft at the best possible rate in the market. 

Require aviation fuel services for your next flight? Contact iJET today for a free quotation from our aviation fuel expert. 

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