Private Jet Airports in London Part 2

by Admin on February 21, 2019

London’s Secret and Luxurious World Of Private Jets

Few cities in the world offer as many airport choices to land your private jet as London. London has spoilt aircraft operators and business jet owners with its private jet airport choices. From luxury to proximity, whatever your priority is, you will find the most suitable airport for your private jet in London. iJET has already told you about the Top 7 Private Jet Airports in London. Today we discuss the other important private jet airports in London.

London Southend Airport (SEN/ EGMC)

With no flying time restrictions, Southend Airport becomes a suitable choice, especially for private jet travellers heading to east London or Essex. The airport has lower landing fees, but the distance from London is more. The airport underwent a renovation in 2012 and added a new Jet Centre in 2017.

Airport Hours: 24 hours operational airport

Runway Length (ft): 6089 x 118

Aviation Fuel Availability: AVGAS JET

Distance from London: 67 km approximately

London Stansted Airport (STN/ EGSS)

One of London’s lesser used airports, Stansted Airport is located at Stansted Mountfitchet in Uttlesford, Essex. The airport has 5 private jet terminals and good public transportation facilities. Stansted Airport is best suited for larger private jets. STN/ EGSS has big runways and supports aircrafts like BBJ.

Airport Hours: 24 hours airport and ATC with restrictions

Runway Length (ft): 10003 x 151

Aviation Fuel Availability: Jet

Distance from London: 63 km approximately

Heathrow Airport (LHR/ EGLL)

London’s busiest airport, Heathrow airport, is not an ideal choice for private charter. Private jets too experience heavy delays that are faced by commercial airlines operating from the airport. The already overcrowded airport is becoming more congested and private jets face delays both on ground and in the air. If travellers want to take an international flight from Heathrow, opt for Heathrow airport, or else its better to use other private jet airports.

Airport Hours: 24 hours airport and ATC with restrictions

Runway Length (ft): 12802 x 164

Aviation Fuel Availability: Jet Only

Distance from London: 25 km approximately

Gatwick Airport (LGW/ EGKK)

The second largest airport in UK, Gatwick Airport is located near Crawley in West Sussex, in south London. Gatwick is ideal for private jet travellers connecting to an international flight. But expect delays due to the large number of commercial airlines operating from Gatwick Airport.

Airport Hours: 24 hours operational airport

Runway Length (ft): 10879 x 148

Aviation Fuel Availability: Jet Only

Distance from London: 45 km approximately

Fairoaks Airport (EGTF)

Located in the scenic countryside of Surrey, Fairoaks Airport is an operational general aviation airport. Fairoaks has a relatively short runway which makes it ideal for smaller aircraft. The arrival and departure from the airport is quick. Extensions to the official airport hour can be made through contacting the Air Traffic Service Unit.

Airport Hours: Mon-Sat 08:00 – 18:00 (UTC); Sundays and Public Holidays 09:00 – 18:00 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): N/A

Aviation Fuel Availability: Avgas and Jet A1+AL48

Distance from London: 47 km approximately

London Cranfield Airport (EGTC)

Cranfield Airport, a private jet airport located outside the village of Cranfield in Bedfordshire, is used by private jet users travelling to north London. The runway of EGTC is suitable for all sizes of private. With no slot restrictions and a quick customs and immigration process, travellers can be in and out of the airport smoothly and quickly.

Airport Hours: Mon -Fri 08:00-18:30 (UTC); Sat-Sun 08:00-18:00 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): 5902 x 151

Aviation Fuel Availability: AVGAS and Jet A1

Distance from London: 80 km approximately

London Stapleford Aerodrome (EGSG)

Stapleford Aerodrome, a small general aviation aerodrome, is located in the Epping Forest district of Essex. Open 24 hours, the airport is nestled in the North-East corner of the M25 and is perfect for twin propeller KingAir.

Airport Hours: 24 hours operational airport

Runway Length (ft): N/A

Aviation Fuel Availability: N/A

Distance from London: 38 km approximately

For assistance in selecting the right airport in London for your aircraft, talk to our operations advisor today.

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