Qatar’s Flight Support Preparations for the 2022 World Cup

by Admin on September 28, 2021

Qatar is preparing to launch a comprehensive development process for airlines in order to accommodate the huge air traffic expected during its hosting of the 2022 World Cup note that the expected number of visitors for the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be over a million.
Qatar will increase aircraft routes over the country and develop devices and systems used in air navigation.
Qatar’s goal in developing air navigation is not only for the World Cup but will serve the two stages together (the World Cup stage and beyond).

Qatar Airways Planning for the 2022 World Cup

With the World Cup approaching in Qatar, football fans around the world are preparing to attend the largest event in Qatar and the Middle East for the first time, so Qatar Airways( the national carrier of the State of Qatar), chose the slogan “See you in 2022” to spread throughout the world.

Qatar Airways made the following preparations to receive the largest event ever!

  • Hamad International Airport Expansion

When, Hamad International Airport opened in 2014, its annual passenger capacity was 30 million, the number of passengers at Hamad International Airport jumped by 20% in 2016. Qatar is now seeking to enhance the airport’s capacity to reach 50 million passengers annually and prepare to accommodate about 86,000 passengers per day in the 2022 World Cup. This will not only help travelers transition to Qatar smoothly for the World Cup but will also strengthen the country’s position as a major transit gateway for foreign travelers in the world.

  • Hamad International Airport Will Join Qatar Airways

In order to meet the growing demand for Qatar Airways flights, Qatar Airways, in cooperation with Hamad International Airport, decided to bring 1,300 daily flights to Qatar, to encourage World Cup fans to book an easy flight without many difficult procedures.

  • Return to Work at Doha International Airport

Doha International Airport will come out of retirement and be ready to return to provide a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for passengers who come especially for the 2022 World Cup matches.
Previously it was discontinued after the opening of Hamad International Airport in 2014. However, to meet the requirements on travel that the World Cup will bring, the airport will now play a major role. Although Hamad International Airport will take care of most of the passenger load, Doha Airport will be allocated to private jets.

Qatar’s Flight Support world cup 2022

  • Travel Demand Will Return to Normal by 2022 FIFA World Cup

The pandemic has been a major handicap in the world and has affected many global sporting events. But over time, the means to deal with Covid-19 have improved, and the demand for travel may become normal by the time the World Cup kicks off in Qatar. So, the demand for travel during the 2022 FIFA World Cup may be strong at the time of the tournament.

  • Qatar Flight Booking in Advance

Qatar Airways has found a way to anticipate travel demands even though the World Cup is long before the start of the tournament. While the booking window is still far away, the airline has come up with a solution to collect demand data and start booking orders for those already looking to book their seats. Because people from all over the world will be flying in once the tournament kicks off.
Qatar Airways is already receiving a lot of seat requests from all over the world and the company is working tirelessly to meet the outstanding demands.

  • The Unveiling of the First Plane Dedicated to the 2022 World Cup

Qatar Airways, the official partner and official airline of the International Federation of Football Associations – FIFA; Announcing its Boeing 777 aircraft, which was especially adorned with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 logo; To begin the countdown to the most prominent event for the start of the championship activities on 21 November 2022.

  • Qatar Airways Partnership with Qatar Airways Holidays

Qatar Airways, in cooperation with Qatar Airways Holidays, has launched exclusive packages and offers for Privilege Club members to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. These packages are varied and include tickets to attend matches, accommodation and return tickets with Qatar Airways.
Passengers can join the Privilege Club for free by visiting

The Role of the Qatar Executive Company in Promoting Flights Support

It’s worth mentioning that the fixed base operations of the Qatar Executive Company (FBO) are located at Doha International Airport

Where the FBO lounge offers its services for VIP travelers, which include many amenities at Doha Airport such as the Internet, newspapers, refreshments, elegant lounges designed specifically for relaxation before boarding the jet, in addition to shower facilities for the entire flight crew.
FBO staff at Doha International Airport provide flight support services including refueling, hotel accommodation, transportation and restaurants.

iJET Flight Support Services to Qatar World Cup 2022

The aviation support services provided by iJET to support private aircraft for the World Cup teams vary to include the following:iJET Flight Support Services to Qatar World Cup 2022

  • Landing Permit for Private jets

Private flights to Qatar require a landing permit at its airports, iJET helps you to obtain this permit from the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA), which is responsible for issuing permits in Qatar.

  • Ground handling services

iJET helps you to obtain ground handling services, as Qatar Aviation Services Company is the only ground handling company in Qatar and its employees deal with VIP flights with high expertise.

  • Hotel accommodation

iJET provides the best hotel accommodation solutions for the passengers of your flight on your private jet to Qatar, especially that the tourism plans in Qatar include the establishment of 125 hotels, bringing the number of hotel rooms to nearly 100,000 rooms, before the start of the 2022 World Cup.

  • Catering onboard your private plane

iJET offers a wide range of inflight catering options by contracting with the best inflight catering service providers and inflight catering companies in the world

  • Fuel Supply

To refuel immediately for your private jet, iJET is your best choice because it facilitates refueling procedures through the approved fuel supplier in Qatar for Jet Fuel (QJET).

iJET Charter provides the best chartered private jets for football teams, you can rent a private jet for the 2022 World Cup teams, as it is equipped with the most luxurious amenities and comfort at the most competitive prices.

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