A Quick Checklist for Flying to FIFA World Cup in Russia

by Admin on May 30, 2018

We’re here to ease the process for you by bringing you a quick checklist to ensure that your trip-planning is in order. 

Have you obtained your flight permits?

You require a landing permit to fly to Russia which can take up to 1-14 days according to the number of passengers in the aircraft and number of aircraft operating within a month. The permit will be valid for 48 hours from the ETA. 


Arranging the aviation fuel 

Keep in mind that only TS-1 fuel is available in Russia. Also, at most of the airports in the host cities refueling shall not be planned if it is technically available. It is advisable to opt for a reliable flight support partner to assist with your aviation fuel requirements. 

Other airport formalities- slots and parking 

If you haven’t submitted your slot request for your trip to any of the host cities for FIFA 2018 in Russia, submit it now. Request for slots must be submitted a month before the World Cup, with strict penalties for non-adherence to approved slots. Aircraft Parking also depends on slot approval. Read about slots, host cities, parking and more 

Do your client and crew need a visa? 

Most nationalities require a visa when traveling to Russia, with visa-on-arrival, not an available option. But if your client has a Fan ID, they won’t require it. 

Fan ID, issued by FIFA when buying a ticket, can be used for multiple visa-free entries into Russia. For more information check here.

Crew visa is available only at few airports, but it can take up to 6 hours to process it. 


Where to stay? 

If you haven’t arranged accommodation for your clients and crew, visit the official FIFA accommodation page to check the best hotels in different host cities.  

Beware of strict cabotage rules 

Foreign carriers are not allowed to pick passengers or transport cargo within the Russian territory. Let your clients know about this, to avoid any inconvenience. 


Are you aware of the NOTAMs? 

NOTAMs specific for different airports has been issued for the period of World Cup. Read the NOTAM series to check the recent regulations for airports in the host cities.  

  • General NOTAMs, and NOTAMs for Sochi International Airport (URSS) in Sochi, Saransk Airport (UWPS) in Saransk, and Platov Airport (URRP) in Rostov-on-Don- Find them here
  • NOTAMs for Strigino Airport in Nizhniy Novgorod (UWGG), Koltsovo Airport in Yekaterinburg (USSS), Kurumoch in Samara (UWWW), and Sheremetyevo in Moscow (UUEE) – Find them here
  • NOTAMs for Sochi International Airport (URSS)- Find them here


Tickets, stadium, rules 

For planning your client’s FIFA trip, check the official tourist portal to know all about the World Cup stadiums, tickets, rules, recommendations, and advice. 

Have you covered all the requirements? If you’ve missed anything, don’t worry we’re here to help you with a smooth and successful trip. Arranging the ground handling, obtaining the permit, arranging visa and accommodation- we will take care of everything, all you need to do is contact us. 


Want to offer your clients the ultimate flight experience? Call us on +971 4 553 04 02 or email us now [email protected]  to start planning for the event of the year- FIFA World Cup 2018. 

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