Repatriation Flight in Times of Corona Virus

by Admin on April 29, 2020

The world is going through challenging times due to the corona virus pandemic. Many countries around the world, have imposed strict restrictions not allowing commercial passenger flights to operate.  People are stranded away from home due to travel restrictions. While there are few who are able to still fly freely with charter flights or charter plane, many don’t have the luxury to opt for air charter service. But all is not lost, the ray of hope come in form of repatriation flight. We at iJET too are doing our part to help people travel back to their homes offering flight support services for these repatriation flight. But what actually is a repatriation flight? And how is iJET helping? Read along to know more.

Repatriation flight

While international flights are cancelled by major airlines worldwide because of the corona virus, there are few flights helping expatriates fly back home. These flights are called as  repatriation flight, or sometimes expat flights. These flights are arranged by government and airlines to fly back expatriates or citizens who are stranded abroad.

Repatriation flight in times of corona virus

Travel restrictions due to corona virus pandemic have left many people stranded in foreign lands. In such times repatriation flight help these travelers to come back home on a special airline arranged mostly by the government. Countries worldwide are organizing repatriation flight to bring back their expats and citizens.

The United States have brought home over 70,000 Americans from 127 countries and territories on around 750 repatriation flight. You can check the U.S. Department of State page to know the exact number of citizens brought home, the name of the country from which the repatriation flight is conducted, and more updated information.

Countries like the UAE are arranging repatriation flight to fly back tourists stranded in the nation. UAE, in corporation with Brazilian embassy and Emirates airlines is arranging flights to send back tourists from Brazil. Repatriation flight are also being arranged from citizens of India, Pakistan, and other countries from UAE to fly back tourists, expats, and citizens back home.

How to find a repatriation flight?

A repatriation flight is organized based on demand. Government works with airlines to arrange a repatriation flight from specific countries. But tracking down these flights is not an easy process. For instance, American citizens have to sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Through this, they will receive notifications about repatriation flight.

Travelers are advised to check updated news and social media handles of their respective embassy to get alerts about potential repatriation flight.

How to book a seat on a repatriation flight?

The reservation process for repatriation flight differs. In India, for instance, US citizens have been asked to fill a form to register for a repatriation flight. Travelers will be prioritized based on vulnerability and notified via email about it. In some cases, it is made via a separate channel like a new web page. The Ethiopian Airlines arranged a charter plane for EU citizens between Nairobi and Frankfurt. Reservation for this repatriation flight was made through a new webpage.

Why are repatriation flight so expensive?

People flying in repatriation flight often have to pay double or sometimes even more. These charter flights are so expensive because of various reasons-

  • Repatriation flight fly only few passengers. Thus, often end up paying for a round flight.
  • Landing rights, permit to fly, and other flight permits are expensive than usual. These have to be arranged at a short notice, adding up to the cost.
  • Staff wages flying on repatriation flight is costlier.
  • Airlines have to arrange flights to countries outside their network. This means additional ground handling or ground service cost.

How does iJET help repatriation flight?

Repatriation flight often require flight support and trip planning services on a short notice. Getting services like ground handling, getting flight permits and handling navigation fees on time can be challenging. Thus, airlines team up with flight support companies like iJET, who have with their strong network with CAA and government authorities are able to arrange these services on efficiently. Helping airlines to fly repatriation flight smoothly and timely.

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