Saudi Arabian Overflight and Landing Permits and Regulations

by Admin on October 13, 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying a private flight, a general aviation flight, a charter flight, a scheduled or non-scheduled flight, carrying passengers or cargo, landing a traffic or technical aircraft. Unless each stage of the permits is examined carefully and in detail, the flight permits will be revoked. To prevent incidents like that, we have compiled procedures and permission requirements for follow-up. Let’s examine them in more detail.

The application procedure requires complete flight information and aircraft documents, as well as Prior Permission. Applicants intending to fly within Saudi Arabia’s airspace must submit an overflight clearance request to Saudi Arabia’s aviation department at least 48 working hours in advance of flight departure, according to Saudi Arabia’s aeronautical information publication. Incorporate AFTN into your flight plan, but you’ll only need a Saudi Arabian overflight permit.

Overflight Permits in Saudi Arabia Require The Following Information:

  • Complete Flight Schedule
  • Lead Passenger Name & Nationality (Only for Passenger Flight)
  • Arrival Departure General Declaration
  • Cargo Charter Flight Need Letter From Consignee
  • List Of Required Aircraft Documents:
    1 – Air Operating Certificate (Private Aircraft AOC Not Required)
    2 – Certificate of Airworthiness
    3 – Insurance Certificate
    4 – Noise Certificate
    5 – Registration Certificate

Complete Flight Schedule: A charter aircraft is in flight from the point of takeoff until landing for the entire duration of the flight.

Lead Passenger Name & Nationality : Information about the international identity of the passengers who will travel on the flight.

Arrival Departure General Declaration: It contains information on the crew, the aircraft registration number, and the itinerary for international flights only. Upon landing at each airfield, including the departure and final destination, two copies must be provided to the airport authorities.

Cargo Charter Flight Need Letter From Consignee: A letter of request for air cargo charter service, whose name appears on an Air Waybill/Air Consignment or Shipment Record, prepared by the natural or legal person to whom the goods will be delivered.

Required Aircraft Documents for Flight Permits

1. Air Operator Certificates (AOCs)

Also known as Air Operator Permits, are approvals granted to aircraft operators by national aviation authorities (National Aviation Authority (NAA)) to operate aircraft commercially.

2. Certificate of Airworthiness

The civil aviation authority that regulates aviation in the state/nation where the aircraft is registered issues a standard certificate of airworthiness for commercial passenger or cargo operations. Special airworthiness certificates are required for other aircraft, such as crop-sprayers (not for commercial passenger or cargo flights).

3. Insurance Certificate

An aviation insurance policy covers specific risks associated with operating aircraft and flying. In aviation insurance policies, aviation terminology, limitations, and clauses tend to be different from those in other areas of transportation.

4. Noise Certificate

A CAAS Noise Certificate certifies that your aircraft meets the ICAO requirements for noise emissions. During aircraft registration, you only need to apply once, however if the noise level or standards of your aircraft change, you must reapply.

5. Registration Certificate

The registration number of a civil aircraft is a code that is unique to that aircraft and is required by international convention to be displayed on the exterior of every civil aircraft.

Saudi Arabian Permit Fees

Authorized agents providing financial guarantees for Navigation and Permit fees payments are issued Saudi Overflight and Landing permits by the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). Currently, Saudi GACA is approving overflight permits for 100 SAR as fixed fees per flight, and 200 SAR for each landing in Saudi Arabian airports.

How To Apply for A Landing Permit

A sponsor and their contact information will be necessary in addition to crew and passenger information. You must also include the name of your ground handler on your Saudi Arabian landing permit application.

Additionally, bear in mind that domestic flights within Saudi Arabia are assessed on a case-by-case basis by the CAA. Saudi Arabian CAA must first receive a landing permit request before sending it to the military air defense department for approval for operations to a military airport. Once Saudi Arabian CAA receives the landing permit request, it must request a prior permission request (PPR).

Landing and overflight permits are required for both private and charter operations in Saudi Arabia. Private and charter flights have the same information requirements. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), also known as General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), processes permits.

The Process of Confirming Flight Permits

A permit request will be reviewed and processed by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) after it is received. For landing permit applications, DGCA routinely confirms all details with your local business sponsor. If the business contact is not prepared to verify the details of your visit, or the information is wrong, this will delay the permit process.

DGCA will have to reconfirm the flight information with the business contact, allowing time for the operator to make the contact aware of the visit, or corrected information will need to be provided. Permit confirmation will be provided once this process has been completed. Have all required information assembled when the application is first submitted to ensure the request is accepted and processed without delay.

Category of Saudi Arabian Overflight and Landing Permits:

  • Private Operator and Charter Services
  • Obtaining an Overflight Permit
  • Obtaining a Landing Permit
  • Airlines that Operate Commercially
  • Overflight Permits for Cargo Flights
  • Overflight Permits for Seasonal Blocks
  • Month-to-Month Block Permits
  • Settlement for Overflying Countries
  • Service Providers for Business Jets and Airliners
  • Arrangements for Airport Parking Slots

Accelerate The Permit Process

Permits for landing and overflight in Saudi Arabia may be expedited if necessary. Exceptions to this requirement include technical stops, which require business sponsor information. It’s recommended that you keep updated information regarding the requirements of this permit on file with your 3rd-party provider in order to help with the process of applying for any permit for Saudi Arabia, particularly for regular operators to the region. Permits are processed more quickly as a result of this.

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