What do you know about Seasonal/Monthly Block Permits?

by Admin on June 29, 2022

Overflight permits are authorizations from Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to overfly that country’s airspace and A seasonal, monthly Block overflight applications permit is a form of overflight permit that allows you to arrange your flight and gives you permission for your scheduled or regular flying activity in the “country”.

Block Permit are arranged for regular flight whether it’s scheduled or non-scheduled flight.

Each country has its own regulations for granting Overflights or Landing permits, permits applications application procedures requiring complete flight information, important documents, and several other formalities.


Some important worldwide flight support requirements:

  • Short-notice overflight & landing permits (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc)
  • Guidance and Coordination for Diplomatic Permits
  • Military & civilian clearances
  • Prior Permission Required “PPR”
  • Airport Slots “Seasonal and Ad-Hoc”
  • Traffic rights
  • Scheduled and Block Permits
  • Special Operating Permits
  • Foreign Air Operator Certificates (FAOC)

Overflight Permits Categories for Block:

1 – Monthly Block Overflight Permits (For Scheduled and Non-schedule Airlines Flights)

2 – Seasonal Block Overflight Permits (Scheduled Commercial Airlines Flights)

Block Permits and seasonal block permits are the same. This kind of permit is being given mainly to commercial airlines which operates hundreds of legs daily per season. CAA only issues one permit for the whole schedule instead of one by one like ADHOC flights.

Same case with monthly block permit, if the operator is operating a certain number of legs per month, it is suggested to get a monthly permit than getting it on ADHOC basis, this is more economical for the airline.


What are the Requirements for block permit?

Flight details with the full list of the airline’s fleet, Aircraft documents but some countries require to apply for block permit through their websites such as Tanzania, Bahrain , Ecuador ,Saudi Arabia. Etc..

iJET will get all necessary licenses and applications for your business in such countries; Tanzania Bahrain , Ecuador ,Saudi Arabia. As fast as possible, including:

  • Ad hoc over-fly and landing permits
  • Scheduled and block permits
  • Prior permission required (PPR)
  • Traffic rights and foreign air operator certificates
  • Special operating permit
  • Slots
  • Guidance and coordination for diplomatic permits
  • Assistance with expired permits by Obtaining a new permit on short notice


iJET Flight Support with its High-Quality Services can help you in getting any flight or airport operating licenses, including overfly, block, and landing permits, as soon as they are requested as it arranges Flight Clearance for Ad-hoc Charter Flights, and non-scheduled and Scheduled Airline Seasonal Block Permits from Civil Aviation Authorities according to their legal time frame.

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