Short-Notice Flight Operations to China: Landing Permit, Air Navigation, Traffic Rights, Ground Handling and More

by Admin on May 6, 2020

Landing permit, ground handling and trip-planning is becoming more challenging in China nowadays, especially with cargo flights that are filling all airports in China. We at iJET are doubling the efforts and working round the clock with our 24/7 customer support to fulfil every single request, for flight support and aviation services, even for SHORT-NOTICE requests.

We help you fly easily and smoothly with our services in China. Arranging your flight ground handling and needed landing permits in all China airports, for any type of flight (cargo, private, commercial). iJET is partnering up with operators, especially for their charter flights to ensure that they fly stress-free and on time to China. Read along to know about the documents you need for Chinese permits, traffic rights and more.

China Permit- The Traffic Right and Landing Permit

Landing permits requirements differ from country to country, based on local rules, the volume of traffic, and the type of flight.

Permits in China can get even more complicated. They are divided into two parts- the traffic right and landing permit. To get the landing permit you need the traffic rights approval, which will include slots and route.

iJET’s strong ties with Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) helps us to secure permits timely and efficiently for you. For this the following documents are needed to start your application for traffic right directly-

  1. Aircrafts certificates, including registry, airworthiness, radio, insurance and noise.
  2. AOC and operation specification of airlines.
  3. Authorization letters issued by operator (Operator Authorization letter, Foreign Airlines Operating Permit Supervision System).
  4. We will need to have SGHA with local airport handler.
  5. Information about if the crew are holding Chinese crew visa.
  6. Contact of shipper/cargo agent.
  7. Cargo Charter Traffic Right Application.
  8. Preflight authorization letter with sign and stamp.

Additionally, when an embassy will be involved in the flight requests, often some documents and processing time can be waived off.

(Read more about landing permit in The Essentials of International Trip Planning)

Lead time for Traffic Right and Landing Permit

The traffic rights will be granted in 7 working days after all the required documents are received by the CAAC. We can only apply for the landing permit (including slot and route) once we have the traffic rights approval.

Authorization to the agent to start the process

When applying for the traffic right and China landing permit, authorization letter is needed to set up the traffic right account. This letter gives us the authority to deal and coordinate with CAAC on behalf of you. This is also needed to apply for a username and password for the Foreign Airlines Operating Permit Supervision System. And to set up a traffic right account and landing permit account.

Preflight authorization letter

A preflight authorization letter that is duly signed and stamped is also needed. The letter written on a company letterhead is needed to create a username and password for the pre-flight management system.

Cargo Charter Traffic Right Application

For traffic rights in China for Cargo Charter, you need to fill a Cargo Charter Traffic Right Application which will be sent to the Department of Air Transport, CAAC.

The following information is needed for the application-

  1. Operator Details (Name, address, email, telephone number, fax, etc)
  2. Type and registration of Aircraft
  3. Number of seats in the aircraft
  4. Call sign
  5. Purpose of flight
  6. Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of the aircraft
  7. Details of the cargo. And Details of Consignee & Consigner.
  8. Route
  9. Ground handling company- Here to need to mention the name of the local airport which is also mentioned in the SGHA.

What is SGHA?

The Standard Ground Handling Agreement or SGHA, is a framework for a contract published by IATA and used globally. New versions of the SGHA are published after careful reviews every 5 years. The latest version is SGHA 2018. An SGHA helps efficient contracting for ground handling services. It helps to-

  • Outsource ground handling services effectively
  • Offer transparent description of the services offered, to avoid misunderstandings
  • Minimize risks of conflict between two parties
  • Avoid differences in cost

Application for Nonscheduled Charter Flight

For Nonscheduled Charter Flight application, you must ensure that you have not operated more than 10 flight to China within 12 months. If you have then, you should hold CCAR129, that was issued by the CAAC. The CCAR129 should cover your destination airport. If you haven’t your application process will be started straightaway.

Airports to Use in China

If you’re looking for airports to fly in china and need more information on it, visit

Ground Handling and Aviation Fuel in China

To ensure a seamless trip to China, work with a qualified flight support company like iJET. With proper planning and execution, we ensure that they are no delays on ground services, as we make sure everything is ready on the ground before you arrive. Without proper planning and flight support, often means delay and errors. Because of language barrier, airport regulations, and credit issues, self-handling is not an option in China.

It is advisable to confirm fuel requests with the ground handler at least 24 hours prior to the departure. Some airports in China accept fuel and aviation cards on the stop, but this should always be confirmed in advance. As an aviation fuel reseller, iJET also offer into-plane aviation fuel service in China. By contacting different local and international sellers, we are able to help you with the most cost-effective aviation service.

Restrictions when flying to China

For normal business flights, the flight plan has to be submitted 2 hours before the departure, with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reception letter.

Nonresident foreign national are still not permitted to enter China. But is you’re from China, Taiwan, or Macau you can enter Hong Kong, as long as you do not have recent travel history.

If you are planning a flight China, we are here to help and support you.

Along with ground handling, jet fuel, and permits for operators, iJET also offers VIP terminal and airport concierge services for passengers flying on a commercial airline. In addition to this, our Private Jet Charter service helps you to charter the best jet for your next luxury trip.


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