Temporary Relief for General Aviation and Business Aviation Operators as Slots Increases at VHHH (Updated)

by Admin on October 1, 2018

Airport Slots Temporarily Increased at Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH/ HKG), one of the busiest airports in the world, has increased its airport’s slots briefly to cater to the demands of the rise in general aviation and business aviation. Aircraft operators around the globe must know how difficult and challenging it is to get a slot in VHHH/HKG. But things are about to get better with help from Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA)  as AsBAA has been successful in its attempt to get more slots at VHHH/HKG. iJET, planning regular flights operating to the Asia Pacific region, brings you all the information you need to know about the additional slots at Hong Kong International Airport.



  1. Additional slots at VHHH on a temporary basis The number of slots available for general aviation (GA) and business aviation has been increased from 4 to 6 on a trial basis. These are subject to continuous joint review by AAHK (Airport Authority Hong Kong) and HKSCO.
  2. Dates on which it is applicableOriginally intended to be in effect from 0000 UTC on 8 August 2018 till 2359 UTC on 7 October 2018, the night slot availability at VHHH has been extended until March 31, 2019.
  3. Duration in which the slots can be applied The slots can be applied for VHHH in the reduced nighttime between 1600-2059 UTC
  4. Is there a change in the application procedure? The 6 slots can be applied in the same way as the 4 slots, through the “Ask Us” function.
  5. Is it available for all GA/BizAv flights? The slots are available to all aircraft types that are not currently exempted from the Noise Quota Count Pilot Scheme.
  6. Requesting slots for your aircraft The best way to obtain Slots at VHHH is through a reliable trip support provider. iJET, with its expertise in organizing flight permits and obtaining slots in challenging regions, should be your first choice to secure a slot at VHHH.
  7. Current restrictions at VHHH VHHH generally gives priority to scheduled commercial airline, then to cargo movements for airport slots. This leaves GA operators to fight for the remaining slots. iJET, having a strong network in Hong Kong is able to organize slots for operators at VHHH in the minimum time as possible.

Aircraft operators should be wary of that fact that VHHH requires airport slots for all arrivals/departures and failure to do so leads to high penalties. In iJET recent blog, “Analyzing Flight Traffic as an Actual Air Traffic in the Sky”, we noted that  Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH/ HKG) is dominating the scene in terms of high air traffic. It can thus be anticipated that in future the slot situation can become more challenging and difficult for GA at VHHH. With GA slots being difficult to secure at VHHH, this new trail system is a welcome change. We can only hope for this temporary change to become a permanent one, as it will greatly help GA and BizAv operators.

iJET helps you to ensure that there is no delay in your flight, be obtaining the flight permits and slots now time, every time. With the Asia Pacific being the “it” region for BizAv and Private Jet Operators, partnering up with a reliable flight support provider like iJET will help to operate your flights seamless without any error. For more information on slots in VHHH and across or the world or to get help with obtaining airport slots for your next flight talk to our operations advisor today.

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