Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Aviation fuel

by Admin on June 25, 2018

Purchasing aviation fuel can seem daunting to many but understanding the nuances of aviation jet fuel helps to make the process a whole lot easier. Business jet operators should keep in mind the factors like the delivery ticket, taxes, mode of payment, and more when planning to buy jet fuel. Knowing the important aspects of aviation fuel purchasing helps you to be prepared for unexpected delays, inconveniences, and unexpected charges. We bring you the list of crucial steps to cover when planning the purchase of aviation jet fuel– 

Step 1- Understanding the requirements of your aircraft 

There are two aircraft fuels widely used by jet operators worldwide, Jet fuel and Avgas. 

AVGAS (short for aviation gasoline), also known as aviation spirit in the UK, is used mainly for smaller turboprop aircraft. It drives the piston engines which uses the rotation of their propellers to generate the lift. There are types of AVGAS too, for instance, AVGAS UL91, which is considered more environment-friendly than AVGAS 100LL. 

Jet fuel, aviation turbine fuel (ATF), or avtur, on the other hand, is designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines. The two most widely used Jet fuel are Jet A and Jet A-1. Few Gas-turbine engines can also run on AVGAS, but it is best avoided, and should be used only if there is a shortage of Jet fuel. 


Step 2- Book your aviation fuel in advance 

A practice used widely by aircraft operators is planning for your jet fuel in advance, it helps you to compare prices, make arrangements if there is a jet fuel shortage in your arrival destination, and ensure a quick and efficient handling on ground. Always tell your third-party provider changes in your schedule, to avoid delays and additional charges. 

Step 3- Are you aware of the additional taxes and fees? 

There is a high possibility that the amount quoted to you for aviation fuel, may or may not include the extra taxes and fees. Thus, asking for the full amount to be quoted beforehand, is always beneficial to manage your finances. In some airports, regional fuel suppliers charge higher tax. To get the best deal on jet fuels, it is always recommended to go through a reliable flight support provider, who will provide you the invoice matching the quoted amount. 


Step 4- Check the fine prints in the quote 

Cancellation cost, overtime- fees applicability, and so on. Check the fine prints to ensure there aren’t any hidden fees or cost involved. 

Step 5- Deciding the mode of payment 

The mode of payment used for your aviation fuel services can affect your overall amount. Paying with credit card implies additional costs like surcharge, while paying with cash is highly inconvenient and exempts you from any discount available. Go through a trusted flight support provider, who offers you the jet fuel services on credit basis. 

Step 6- Make sure to present all the required documents 

Prior to the fueling, show all the relevant documents, and note it on the delivery ticket, to ensure that billing is accurate. 

Step 7- Check the delivery ticket thoroughly 

When your aircraft has been fueled with the required jet fuel, the pilot will be given a delivery ticket by the into-plane fuel supplier. You should encourage your pilot to sign the delivery ticket only after he has read the ticket carefully. This to ensure that the quantity of the fuel, along with all the mentioned details are correct. 

If your delivery ticket is in a language you don’t know, clarify all doubts with your supervisory agent. 


Plan your jet fuel services early, ensure that all the required things are done, and you have a copy of the delivery ticket. To know more about aviation fuel and to enjoy a hassle-free, efficient, and quick aviation fueling services in airports across the globe, contact us [email protected]

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