Top 7 Private Jet Airports in London

by Admin on January 17, 2019

The Luxurious World of Private Jets in London

London is one of the most famous private jet charter destination in the world. In fact, it is the busiest city for private jet charter in Europe. With over 79,000 private jet movements across the city, it has become a favourite with private jet operators. Being home to 14 luxurious private jet airports, London spoils private jet users, with its different airport choice. Whether your priority is to land at the most luxurious airport, or you want an airport closest to your destination, you can always find an airport that is right for you. Today at iJET , we discuss the top 7 private jet airports in London.

London Luton Airport (LTN/ EGGW)

Famous for being UK’s busiest private jet airport, London Luton Airport is convenient for travellers heading to north London. If operating hours is important to you than iJET suggests Luton Airport as it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, a major plus factor in choosing LTN/ EGGW over others is the number of FBOs available. Currently, London Luton Airport offers 3 beautiful FBO option to select from. But in recent times we have witnessed a decline in the airport’s popularity, mainly to due to the issue of runway availability because of the growing number of airline flights at London Luton Airport. Also, the night restrictions applied to counter noise issues, are expected to continue in 2019.


Airport Hours: Open 24 hours

Runway Length (ft): 7093 x 151

Aviation Fuel Availability: AVGAS JET

Distance from London: 3 km east of Luton



London Farnborough Airport (FAB/ EGLF)

The most famous private jet airport in Europe, London Farnborough Airport is famous worldwide for its VIP facilities, its décor, and its stylish interiors. With demand for private jet charter rising in 2018, Farnborough Airport now competes with London Luton Airport for the title of the busiest private jet airport in the UK. But the long ground transfer from the airport to the city becomes a downside for FAB/ EGLF, along with the high landing fee.

Airport Hours: Mon -Fri 07:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 08:00-20:00 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): 8005 x 151

Aviation Fuel Availability: JET Only

Distance from London: 65 km south-west from London



London Biggin Hill Airport (BQH/ EGKB)

London Biggin Hill Airport is suitable for travellers heading to the south side of London. The airport slots are flexible, it offers 2 FBOs for private jet users to choose from, and the landing fees is cost-effective.


Airport Hours: Mon -Fri 06:30-23:00, Sat-Sun & holidays 08:00-22:00 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): 5971 x 148

Aviation Fuel Availability: AVGAS JET

Distance from London: 22 km


London City Airport (LCY / EGLC)

The closest airport to the city centre, London City Airport is famous for its efficient VIP customer service. Offering a stunning view of Thames, London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben, when flying in and out for the airport, London City Airport also assures a 90 second landing and departure. To compete with other private jet airports in London, LCY / EGLC has lowered its landing fees.


Airport Hours: Mon -Fri 06:30-22:00, Sat 06:30-12:30, Sun 12:30-22:00, Holidays 09:00-22:00 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): 4948 x 98

Aviation Fuel Availability: JET

Distance from London: 11 km east of city center


London RAF Northolt Jet Centre (NHT/ EGWU)

London RAF Northolt Jet Centre (NHT/ EGWU), the Royal Air Force station airport used frequently by Queen, is becoming a popular choice with civilians too. With military usage reducing, the private jet movements are increasing at London RAF Northolt Jet Centre. The airport’s runway can handle different sizes of aircraft, and offers incomparable privacy, which makes it a favourite with the VVIPs. But the slots are extremely difficult to get, and the airport is going to close for 6 months in the Spring of 2019.


Airport Hours: Mon -Fri 08:00-20:00, Sat 08:00-15:00, Sun 12:00-19:00 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): 5525 x 148

Aviation Fuel Availability: JET Only

Distance from London: 24 km north-east of London


London Oxford Airport (OXF/ EGTK)

London Oxford Airport, also known as Kidlington Airport, is a bit far from London, compared to the other private jet airports in London, but the adjoining M40 motorway offers the fastest route to London. London Oxford Airport is 20 minutes’ drive from Oxford, and the FBO is well-equipped with a luxurious café, restaurant, and bar.


Airport Hours: 06:30-22:30 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): 5092 x 98

Aviation Fuel Availability: AVGAS JET

Distance from London: 75 km north-west of London


Blackbushe Airport (BBS – EGLK)

Blackbushe Airport located on the borders of Berkshire, Hampshire, and Surrey, is one of the most cost-effective private jet airports in London. If you’re operating a small aircraft or flying for a short trip, then this is the perfect airport in London to use. Located at the same distance as Farnborough Airport, it offers quick access to central London as well as to the Thames Valley, and south of England. Recently, Blackbushe Airport have reduced its landing fees to attract more private jet flyers.

Airport Hours: 07:00-19:00 (UTC)

Runway Length (ft): 4380 x 151

Aviation Fuel Availability: AVGAS JET

Distance from London: 16 km from London


iJET had earlier discussed 6 Things to Help You Decide Which Airport to Use for Private Jet Charter where we had told you how to select the perfect private jet airport according to your requirement. But if need assistance in selecting the right airport in London to use, talk to our operations advisor today.

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