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Our consultants will guide you through the requirements for establishing a new airline, airline set-up planning, aircraft selection, and service launching. We’ll thoroughly assess the competition to ensure that your airline is always the safest, most reliable, and most efficient.

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    Aviation is a global industry with a developed market, making it hard to start an airline with no previous aviation experience. iJET’s Aviation Consulting & Advisory service provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary support and guidance to develop their airline from beginning to completion. Our business plan will include all the basic requirements for establishing an airline as well as detailed market and operating environment analysis. Meeting prerequisites, such as Economic Authority from the DOT and Safety Authority from the Federal Aviation Administration, is the first step towards establishing a successful airline.

    iJET’s consultation team is comprised of aviation pioneers, industry legends, and award-winning aircraft operators who will make it their number one priority to fully study the market and understand how your airline should be positioned. After implementing our set-up plan, your airline management team can move on to buying aircraft, hiring employees, securing routes, obtaining an Air Operator’s Certificate, and everything else that comes with establishing an airline.

    Our aviation consultation services can assist entrepreneurs in:

    • Making sure that their business plan is applicable and realistic
    • Increasing their reach and strengthening their position with potential investors
    • Obtaining an Aircraft Operator’s Certificate Application
    • Ensuring the airworthiness of their fleet
    • Optimizing maintenance costs
    • Complying with regulatory requirements
    • Defining their strategies and policies
    • Creating an effective branding strategy
    • Distinguishing their brand, service, and product from competitors’
    • And so much more!

    We also provide the following aviation consultancy services for both local and foreign airlines and aviation companies who are aiming to expand their business in the Middle East or any of the territories where we operate:

    • Aviation Companies Promotion and representation
    • Ground handling services
    • Airport Concessions
    • Airport Facility Management
    • Sales and business development advisory
    • Airline and aviation operations

    You don’t need to think about all these details and you can avoid multiple deposits with CAAs by contacting us and letting us take out the headaches from your operations.

    Aviation Consultation Services
    Aviation Consultation
    Airline Set-up planning
    New Airline Establishment
    AOC Application Assistance
    Marketing and Branding
    Detailed Analysis and Research
    Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
    Travel and Tourism

    Aviation Consultation FAQs

    What do airline consultants do?
    We help our clients in understanding the industry, market, and competition so they can apply the best and latest strategies. We also provide technical, operational, and regulatory advice to aid our clients.
    How can you help me navigate a globally developed industry such as aviation?
    We take advantage of our team’s experience, tools, and databases to give our clients an advantage in their investments and decision making.
    Which elements of starting an airline will your consultation help me with?
    Our consultation service will help you develop every aspect of your airline, from finance and commerce to strategy and operation.
    What do you base your aircraft selection procedure on?
    We rely on the data and research done by our award-winning aircraft operators and certified appraisers to provide asset management and mitigate risk to our clients.
    Can you provide consultation on sustainable aviation?
    Yes, we use our technical and operational expertise to integrate global sustainability with every facet of the aviation industry.
    Will your consultation services help me with branding and marketing?
    Yes, our team will help you create an effective branding and marketing strategy to outshine competitors based on data, research, and market studies.
    How much do aviation consultants charge?
    Aviation consultants charge per hour, but their rates may vary based on the consultant’s skills, experience, and the type of consultation that is required.

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