AVSEC Services

We offer the best AVSEC services to ensure airport and cabin safety and to apply safeguarding international civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference and to maintain safe air transfer of dangerous goods.

We take care of all the operational security details on the ground during the ground handling process and airport screening and to the air to guarantee highest level of flight operation security.

We follow all AVSEC measures by IATA, ICAO and US Department of homeland security.


Our Service include:

  1. Airlines Operational Security
  2. Corporates Fight Operations Security
  3. Cabin Safety
  4. Cargo AVSEC
  5. Baggage AVSEC
  6. Passengers screening
  7. Airport AVSEC team and screening solutions and technologies.
  8. Catering Security

Checkpoints at Airports

Making sure all travelers are allowed access to destination countries by using advanced technology such as scanners, electronic gates, and international data lists.

AVSEC Operations at Airports

We provide full AVSEC services to airports around the world, including terminals, shops, restaurants, devices, and all facilities, using all the latest techniques for airport screening, as well as hire police to protect passengers, airline employees, and airport staff against terrorist attacks.

AVSEC for Aircraft Passengers

Conducted checkpoint screenings and ID verifications to ensure the highest level of passenger safety on the flight or at the airport.

AVSEC for Air Cargo

One of the most important aspects of aviation AVSEC is cargo operational safety. To protect our clients’ valuable cargo and to ensure that all the goods are authorized, we employ trained specialists and air cargo screening technology.

AVSEC Catering

Passengers and cabin crew are provided with sanitized meals in compliance with ICAO food safety measures.

AVSEC for Airlines

Assuring that the airline’s airplanes and crew are protected during every flight by managing air safety support and ground handling safety procedures.

AVSEC for Baggage

After carrying out a baggage screening process to verify that the loaded luggage is free of harmful materials and does not exceed the weight limits, loading and offloading passengers’ luggage safely.

We apply all needed measures according to the Aviation Security Directive from the country Ministry of Transport, and we work on long term strategies to approach a Sustainable aviation for air aviation security Mobility and Transport.

Security for Your Aircraft in Every Airport Around the World

Our services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.

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