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      iJET 24/7 Operations team offers airlines and flight operators worldwide a high-quality service on short notice by obtaining all types of overflight and landing permits in addition to arranging slots, Block permits and diplomatic clearance from CAAs and airports worldwide, having all requirements and documents well-prepared based on the ever-changing regulations and ready for guaranteed approval. Enjoy the advantage of having a single point of contact to finalize all your flight operations instead of wasting your time processing the different requirements that you need to operate your flight.

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      Overflight and landing permits are one of the most challenging requirements for any airline and flight operator, as there are many variable factors and documentations to consider when applying for flight permits to CAAs, and here comes iJET role in taking care of the challenging requirements and securing your permits on time, for a safe flight operation.

      Overflight Permits

      With our strong relationship with Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide, we can apply for Overfly Permissions & Prior Permission Requests PPR on your behalf in the right processing time and take care of submitting all the required documents and information (purpose of flight) to guarantee getting your overflight permission approved on time and on Short-notice.

      iJET offers the Best Overflight Permit service for Private Jets & Airlines Operators worldwide.

      Landing Permission & Airport Slots Approval

      iJET takes care of Filling landing permit LND and slot applications once the operations team gets all aircraft important certificates such as (AOC, IOC ,ROC, etc..) in addition to a full crew and passenger manifest to issue LND permit on time and in short notice (subject to availability)

      iJET team will take care of your slots arrangement & Landing permit Applications, so you don’t need to waste your time thinking of the language of the application, when to apply? ground handling and landing slots & slot clearance requests, take off permit, the need of temporary landing permits, providing the purpose of flight (refueling, crew rest, traffic landing, passenger or cargo inbound or outbound, ferry flights)…

      Special Flight Permits

      We can also secure Special Flight Permits (SFP) & ferry flight permits for aircraft maintenance and flight delivery cases .

      Block Permits for Your Scheduled or Non-scheduled Flight!

      If your aircraft operates hundreds of legs daily per season or a certain number of legs per month, then we are happy to inform you that iJET high qualified operations team guarantee obtaining Monthly Block Overflight Permits and Seasonal Block Overflight Permits in short notice by coordinating with the countries CAAs once they have full list of the airline’s information, Aircraft important documents and licenses unless the country has an online website to apply through, in this case iJET team will act accordingly and submit the application in efficient and smooth way to obtain block permit on time.

      You don’t need to think about all these details and you can avoid multiple deposits with CAAs by contacting us and letting us take out the headaches from your operations.

      iJET will promptly secure all required flight permits service and applications for your operation, including:
      Special Operating Permit
      Scheduled and Block Permits
      Prior Permission Required (PPR)
      Traffic Rights and Foreign Air Operator Certificates
      Short-Notice Permits 24/7
      Guidance and coordination for Diplomatic Permits
      Overdue Permits

      FAQ Flight Permits:

      What are the flight permits required for an aircraft operation?
      Overflight Permits, to fly over some countries – Landing permits, to takeoff/land on any airport worldwide and to book your ground handling and airport slots - certificate of registration, noise certificate, certificate of insurance and airworthiness review certificate – Diplomatic permits for the operation of diplomatic and government flights. Some flights require a special flight permit or ferry permit to fly, these types of flights can be maintenance flights or flight delivery which don’t have an airworthiness certificate, but are still safe to fly.
      Do you provide permits on short-notice, during weekends and holidays?
      Are there countries where you need the help of a third party?
      Yes, there are. There are situations in caretaker countries where we have to employ the help of an agent since we can’t go directly to the Civil Aviation Authority. We will send the client the list of countries where we must go through an agent or the CAA. We also advise the client regarding third-party charges and we provide third party invoices for the charges as well.
      Do all countries require an overflight permit?
      Some countries do. For example, the European Union countries and Azerbaijan no longer require a prior application, while other countries may require only a 24-hour prior notice, and others require prior application. To know more contact us [email protected]
      Do we need to pay a processing fee for overflight permits?
      Many countries impose a processing fee for the issuance of an overflight permit, which is generally non-refundable, examples of these countries: Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Tanzania, and Pakistan…
      What are the needed documents to apply for flight permits?
      Some countries/airports require a few documents while others request many and have a complicated process. The common requirements for aircraft operators are certificates like air operator certificate AOC, insurance certificate, airworthiness certificate, and more documents, to know more contact [email protected]
      When to apply? And what’s the validity of the permit?
      Some countries require an application to be sent 72 hours prior to the flight, while others request 24 hours or accept short-notice applications, contact us to know more [email protected]

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