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In iJET, we offer all the aviation ground handling services for every flight operation stage, including landing, parking, and take-off:

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    Our work process depends mainly on coordinating with worldwide top-quality and legally authorized vendors, who have a great and well-earned business reputation. More on, we run constant monitoring, inspection, and evaluation processes of our vendors’ performance to ensure that the high level of Ground Handling service is always continuous.

    The quality of our Ground Handling (Passenger Handling, Cargo, and Baggage Handling), Airport Services, and Refueling are supported by an ISO Certificate and by the strong trust bond between us and our wide range of clients. iJET is distinguished for:

    • Serving 4500+ successful flights.
    • Team members with 250+ years of combined experience.
    • Providing 24/7 customer care to ensure that all our clients’ needs and requests are fully met.
    • Partnering with the best vendors in every country to provide the highest quality of service at any airport around the globe.
    • Serving Flights Operations on Short Notice.

    Challenges of Ground Handling Services at Airports with no Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs)?

    FBOs are the primary flight support and ground handling providers to General Aviation airports, which include Private and Corporate Aviation. In certain countries, FBOs are always available at any airport, so flight operators take them for granted. However, some airports in Africa and Asia still lack the existence of a primary FBO that flight operators can depend on, leading operators to deal with governmentally owned handlers, which results in challenges that every handler can relate to, such as: low-quality service, lack of responsiveness of the ground handler, huge service delays, and lack of the required ground handling equipment and qualified personnel.

    iJET Ground Operations and Handling Services at Airports with no FBOs

    iJET could employ third-party supervisors to provide quick, short notice, and cost-efficient ground handling services in such airports, helping operators to end this main ground handling challenge and ending their struggle by providing:

    • Supervision and coordination between all airport parties.
    • Crew & passenger assistance
    • Concierge services
    • Flight fees payment facilitation
    • Providing flight crew with briefings about ATC, route validity, weather conditions, & NOTAMS.

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    Our handling services range from cargo handling services and aviation ground services to aircraft handling, ensuring that every process involved with your flight and all your needs upon landing are taken care of.

    In today’s perpetually shifting market, dealing with a professional ground handling company like iJET to cover all the aviation ground handling needs at any airport around the world is the wisest option for international airlines and flight operators. Contact us to receive ground services that exceed your expectations.

    In iJET, we offer all the aviation ground handling services for every flight operation stage, including landing, parking, maintenance, and take-off:
    Basic ground handling services
    Arrangement for all the necessary ground services equipment
    Passenger handling services
    Baggage and cargo handling services
    Cabin services
    Supervision services
    Visa and immigration assistance for crew and passengers
    Fuel coordination
    Aircraft movement and flight follow-up

    Ground Handling FAQs

    What do ground handling services include?
    The main categories of ground handling services are ramp services, passenger handling, providing ground handling equipment, and aviation fuel supply.
    Does iJET provide aircraft ground handling services in General aviation/ private airports?
    Yes. iJET operates in general aviation/ private airports.
    What are the different equipment and tools for cargo handling and passenger handling?
    The most common ground handling equipment used for cargo and passenger handling are dollies, chocks, container loaders, belt loaders, passenger boarding stairs.
    Does iJET secure slots and landing permits?
    Yes, iJET secures both slots and landing permits and is well-acquainted with the different procedures and requirements of securing them in every country.
    Are chartered (non-scheduled commercial) and private non-revenue flights handled differently?
    Yes. Private flights are handled by fixed-based operators (FBO), while Commercial one is the common flight type that is usually handled.
    When should I apply for iJET ground handling Services?
    Depending on the destination airport, we can usually serve clients who book our services less than 1 hour before their flight.
    What information should I provide iJET with?
    We require the full details of your itinerary: arrival and departure times, aircraft type, flight type & purpose, aircraft registration, operator name, and crew & passenger details.
    Do you provide ground handling services on short notice, during weekends and holidays?
    Yes, we provide ground handling services even on weekends and holidays.
    Can you describe the process once a ground handling request is received?
    After a ground handling request is received, iJET will immediately coordinate with its vendors to quickly provide the ground handling services requested by the client.
    How do I apply for iJET ground handling services?
    You can book our services by filling in the inquiry form above on this page, or by contacting us by email at [email protected]

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