Ground Handling Services

We manage all ground handling services at any airport around the world, for all types of aircraft and flight purposes. From airport handling to servicing the aircraft at the terminal, our resources are at your disposal based on your needs.

Our Ground-Handling Agents are Present in:

  • 57 countries in Africa
  • 32 countries in Asia
  • 36 countries in Europe
  • 18 countries in Latin America
  • 11 countries in the Middle East
  • All commercial and private airports in USA and Canada


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Our handling services range from cargo handling services and aviation ground services to aircraft handling, ensuring that every process involved with your flight and all your needs upon landing are taken care of.



BPHandling and Ground Support Services for Your Immediate Needs


Our Ground Support Services Include:

BP3Basic ground handling services

BP3Arranging for all the necessary ground services equipment

BP3Passenger handling services

BP3Baggage and cargo handling services

BP3Lavatory and potable services

BP3Cabin services

BP3VIP meet-and-greet services

BP3Supervision services

BP3Visa and immigration assistance for crew and passengers


BP3Fuel coordination

BP3Aircraft movement and flight follow-up


BPCoordination and Quality to Improve Your Experience


We work hard to offer you the best possible services by coordinating with our vendors to enforce our standard service level agreements and apply procedures followed by top-rated handling companies internationally.

Our vendors’ services are an extension of our own, and so we adhere to rigorous guidelines when choosing handling vendors around the world. We only work with vendors who have an established business, are legally licensed and authorized, and who have a track record in safety and exceptional customer service. In the rare cases in which we are unable to locate a handling company that meets our service standards in your destination country, we will notify you in advance with what to expect upon landing.


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Our services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.

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