Pricing for Ground Handling Services

Pricing for Ground Handling Services

All iJET ground handling services can be delivered on credit, and an invoice covering all services delivered to your aircraft will be sent to you after the flight operation. Our prices categorized by types of flights and operations are listed for your convenience.


iJET Credit Facilitates Your Operation


While arranging ground handling services through a third-party support provider may seem like an additional cost to your ground operation, not only is the quality of our service exemplary, but our prices are also competitive. Using our services for flights to destinations you have not visited previously will help you circumvent unfamiliar airport charge structures, surcharges, and exemptions that may be invoiced inaccurately due to the hassle. We specialize in operation charges, whether they be governmentally imposed, such as airport and navigation fees, or commercial, such as those imposed by FBOs and ground handlers.


Our standard procedure requires a general prices list from our handlers, detailing the costs of each flight and aircraft, aside from the conditions and rules for exemption and surcharges. Our resources are at your disposal whenever your aircraft ground handling services are arranged on iJET credit.

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