Hotel Accommodation

We offer global business hotel accommodation arrangements for all flights. Our hotel booking services are extended to both passengers and crew, making us available for all flights. Competitive hotel rates can be found through our online hotel booking services. Through our online hotel booking, we can provide you with the best airport hotel deals as well as suggest the most convenient business hotels.

Accommodating All Fliers

Because of the high number of flights we accommodate in every destination, we know which hotels will convenience business travelers or flight and cabin crew, and meet our clients’ security and comfort requirements. In destinations our clients frequent, iJET can offer competitive hotel booking rates that are not available by direct booking with a hotel, lowering the cost of your business hotel accommodating services. Hotel accommodation can be arranged with our credit facility at your convenience. Your hotel charges will be invoiced to you with the flight services bill. If your company’s policy requires that the crew pay in cash or by credit, iJET will happily secure your booking until your crew arrives to the hotel.

Hotel Accommodations Are Simple, Economic, and Secure with iJET

Our services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.

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