Inflight Catering

Do you need inflight catering for your next trip?

Are you skeptical about the available inflight catering meeting the high quality of food safety? And you’re not a big fan of airline food?

iJET is here to your rescue, providing aviation inflight catering service from the best airline catering companies or if you prefer from the best hotels and restaurants in the city. We make sure that the catering services provided to you suit your taste buds, without compromising the highest quality of food safety.

Whether it is a short-haul flight or a long-haul flight, inflight catering service is an integral part of your flight plan. Your client will need at least a cup of tea and something to eat during their trip. From a light meal to a full course meal, we can help you arrange the VIP catering your client is entitled to for your next flight.

Catering That Accommodates Your Preferences

The first airline food was served to passengers who were traveling from London to Paris in October 1919. After that inflight catering services or airline food became an indispensable part of any airline company, specifically flight services, with many international inflight catering companies setting up around the world.

It is interesting to note that, while there’s no kitchen and cooks on board of the aircraft, airline meal is prepared on the ground by catering companies and airports where there is no available inflight catering provider, it is arranged through hotels and restaurants. The inflight catering has to meet high standards of food safety with special care for food preparation, before being taken on board.

At iJET, our client’s safety is our first priority, thus we ensure that the airline catering services provided by us meet international safety standards. To provide a wide range of inflight dining options of the highest quality to airline customers, we have contracts with the best in-flight catering providers and airline catering companies in airports around the world.

To offer flexibility, like our other premium services, inflight catering can also be arranged on iJET credit facility. If you’re unable to decide what you want to eat during your next flight, we can happily inform you of the various catering menu options available in your destination airport. In destinations where no specialized in-flight catering companies are available, iJET can secure your flight catering requirements from the highest-quality hotel and restaurant kitchens in the city.

Our services are available to you upon request and our team will be more than happy to respond to any inquires you may have.

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