International Aviation Flight Trip Planning & Route Planning

iJET’s comprehensive suite of premium trip planning services is guaranteed to make your international trip a success.

We offer comprehensive and customized flight planning and trip support services to aircraft operators, worldwide. Our dedicated and qualified team work together to ensure that we provide you efficient services tailored to your particular aviation needs for a smooth trip for your client.

Due to our global experience and great relation with Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide, we can provide a wide range of complete Aviation Trip Planning services, including the Full flight plan, developing Cost-Effective Route Plans and well studied budget by supplying the required fuel at each airport in competitive prices, securing overflight and Landing permits according to the route plan and coordinating for flight operations in ground and in the sky globally.

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You can make well-informed decisions about your budget thanks to iJET’s detailed breakdown of actual anticipated costs. iJET is trusted by different airlines and flight operators worldwide helping them plan their trips for Passenger flights, private jets, cargo flights, air ambulance, Government flights and more…

You’ll see real numbers  and costs plan for Fueling, Permits, Navigation, Airport Charges, Ground Handling, Catering, and Transportation. Through this transparency, operators and clients are able to optimize their trip and plan it wisely.

In the event that an alternate route is necessary due to the current unfavorable weather conditions, we will inform you in advance. Every step of the way, we provide you with this information so you know what to expect.

We also assist you in cases of flight diversion and re-routing.


Optimising routes requires knowledge of the dynamics of air traffic control (ATC) organizations, the requirements of overflight permits, as well as company policies. All of these are considered in the efficient flight plan to determine the best route. Flight trip plans can be optimized while meeting all weather, wind, and cost constraints, providing Cost-Effective Fuel for all aircraft, as well as the sustainable fuel when needed, in addition to all fight operation services, and of course a real-tıme weather report and a brıefıng on notams.


When you plan a trip, iJET, the industry leader in optimized flight planning, saves you time and money. It’s easy to file an optimized plan for your desired routing and aircraft with iJET whether you’re using ETOPS, ERAD or CDRs. We have Flight Planning & Aviation Trip Planning experts available 24/7 to assist our customers’ rgent requests on short-notice.

Our Trip Planning Services Include:
Selecting the optimal flight route to ensure maximum efficiency of fuel consumption
Designing the flight route to avoid countries experiencing political tension that may hinder the flight
Obtaining permits for all en-route countries No Airline Mission is Impossible!
Mapping appropriate airports for technical stops to avoid fuel shortages
Offering the best fuel prices, handling charges, and airport fees
Ensuring that the destination airport is an Airport of Entry (AOE) and that its operating hours convenience your schedule
Assuring that the airport has all the required Ground Services Equipment (GSE) for your convenience and the proper handling of your flight.
Checking safety and security status and regulations of your destination
Providing you with airport charts, infrastructure maps, and the runway length of the destination airport
Estimating all en-route and ground charges for your flight, including:
  • permits charges
  • navigation fees
  • airport fees
  • ground handling charges
  • fuel charges
  • catering charges
  • hotel accommodations
  • transportation
Upgrade Your International Trips With iJET

Our Aviation International Trip Planning services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.

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