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Aircraft line maintenance is any maintenance service that is performed outside of a hangar to ensure that the aircraft is fit to fly. Line maintenance services include troubleshooting, minor repairs, or modifications, scheduled maintenance checks, component replacements, and defect rectification.

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     Our reliable network of expert aviation technicians and engineers will work tirelessly to support you and maintain your aircraft. We care about our clients and the safety of their passengers, which is why we only work with the best and most experienced aircraft maintenance engineers. iJET’s professional line maintenance technicians are familiar with all types of aircraft and understand the cost of having an AOG (Aircraft on Ground), which is why they’ll do their best to get your aircraft off the ground and into the air as soon as possible.

    iJET’s line maintenance support services include quality DER & Engineering support, daily and weekly maintenance checks, troubleshooting, component maintenance, reliable AOG response teams, Technical Operations Management (TOM), airworthiness management, MRO requirements, fueling documentation, and other maintenance support services.


    Troubleshooting, Line Maintenance Support, and Repairs

    Our professional aircraft technicians and engineers will troubleshoot, maintain, and repair your aircraft systems or components as fast as possible.

    DER & Engineering Support

    Our global network and expert team allow us to support and service most commercial and private airframes.

    Reliable AOG Response Teams

    Our expert AOG response teams will be ready to assist you in hard landings, inspections, aircraft recovery, engines changes, and more.

    Daily & Weekly Maintenance Intervals

    Our team of technicians and engineers will run frequent maintenance checks to make sure that your aircraft is ready to fly at all times. Daily checks are performed anywhere from every 24 to every 48 hours. Weekly checks are performed every 7 to 8 days.

    You don’t need to think about all these details and you can avoid multiple deposits with CAAs by contacting us and letting us take out the headaches from your operations.

    Line Maintenance FAQs
    Troubleshooting and Repairs
    DER & Engineering Support
    Reliable AOG Response Teams
    Daily & Weekly Maintenance
    Component Maintenance
    Technical Operations Management
    MRO Requirements
    Fueling Documentation

    Maintenance FAQs:

    What is line maintenance?
    line maintenance is any maintenance service carried out before a flight to ensure that the aircraft is ready for said flight.
    What are the benefits of line maintenance?
    You can focus on your business, knowing that your fleet of aircraft is always maintained, serviced, and ready to fly.
    Can line maintenance services save you money?
    Expert AOG response teams are fully aware of how costly it is to have an aircraft on the ground and will do their best to get the aircraft running without delays.
    Do line maintenance services increase aircraft safety?
    Yes. Line maintenance services will ensure that your aircraft is airworthy and always in service.
    Can line maintenance service help you avoid aircraft failure?
    Yes. Line maintenance services are essentially a preventative measure against aircraft deterioration.

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