Navigation Fees Administration

Navigation flying fees are collected for flying over foreign countries en-route to your destination. Our air traffic and navigation services help you calculate any aviation or navigation fees you may encounter from any aviation administrations. Each navigation fee calculation, formula, and criteria vary from country to country, with the billing cycles and accounting systems of different civil aviation authorities and air navigation services providers varying even more so. Our Navigation Fees Administration can help you meet all the requirements and ensure that your account is always settled and up to date. iJET provides airspace users with one or more of the following services according to the specific mandate:

  • ATM (Air Traffic Management)
  • CNS (The Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Systems)
  • MET (Meteorological Service for Air Navigation)
  • AIM/AIS stands for Aeronautical Information Services.

ATM (Air Traffic Management): An air traffic management system, integrates all aircraft movements during all phases of operation (air traffic services, airspace management, and air traffic flow management).

CNS (The Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Systems): The infrastructure of air traffic management consists of communication, navigation, and surveillance (CNS), which ensures the safety and efficiency of air travel.

MET (Meteorological Service for Air Navigation): The provision of meteorological services to operators and pilots, the provision of meteorological information for air traffic, and the provision of aeronautical information.

AIM/AIS: The preparation, publication and distribution of all aeronautical information/data concerning air navigation, as well as the publication of Aeronautical Information Circulars and Pre-flight bulletins

Accuracy in Operating Your Flight

When you request our aviation navigation services, we request the air navigation fee invoice for the flight from the corresponding civil aviation authority. Once it is received, we check it to ensure that the correct route and aircraft MTOW are used, communicating with the civil aviation authority to correct any errors or variations. Only after our thorough inspection do we send it to you for settlement. Once it is paid, we follow up with the civil aviation authority finance team to verify that the amount is recorded in your account statement.

Overdue Navigation Fees

If you have an urgent flight and there is an overdue bill you have not yet settled,there might be a high risk that the overflight permits needed for your flight will be denied. With our air traffic and air navigation services, we can approach the civil aviation authority on your behalf, settle the overdue bill, and guarantee that the required permit is issued for your flight on time.

Know That Your Navigation Fees Account is Always Up to Date With iJET

Our services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.

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