North America

North America


North America is home to business aviation and is the largest business aviation market in the world. North America also has the largest number of business aviation airports and the largest business aircraft fleet in the world.

Naturally, operating to North America is easier than other parts of the world, as the regulations and the infrastructure are welcoming to private, charter and VIP operations. However, security procedures are a concern for any aircraft flying to North America.

iJET has the necessary cooperative arrangements and contracts with all the major FBOs in North America as well as the required expertise to advise you on the best airport to land in to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Once your chosen airport is specified, iJET helps choose the best FBO to use based on the quality of the service and the savings available. We do this by having a favorable fuel price and buying the right fuel quantity that entitles you the necessary exemption from airport fees.

iJET can take care of all the trip planning required for your flight to North America, including the TSA waiver, APIS or Visa Waiver Program. iJET may also advise on the Shannon airport US Customs and Borders Protection Pre-Clearance program.

Needless to say, iJET credit facilities extend to cover fuel, ground handling, HOTAC and transportation in North America.

iJET has the reach and capabilities to arrange all your flight support requirements in the USA and Canda in all the commercial and general aviation airports, in addition to some military airports in Canada and the United States. iJET is knowledgeable about the tricks of the trade can be employed to plan your operation in a more convenient and hassle free way.


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