iJET Aviation Security services.

Starting from Aviation Ground Security to Air Suppoer, iJEt Aviation Security Services cover the overall aviation security framework to guarantee flight safety at the highest levels.

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iJET Aviation Security Services

airport security|iJET Security Service

Airport Security

border control|iJET Security Service

Border Security

passengers security|iJET Security Service

Passenger Security

airlines security|iJET Security Service

Airlines Security

cargo security|iJET Security Service

Cargo Security

baggage security|iJET Security Service

Baggage Security

catering security |iJET Security Service

Catering Security

We provide airlines and airports security worldwide with advanced technologies and professional airport security solutions for aircraft passengers security, cabin crew safety, aircraft guarding and searching, catering checks, document verification, and more. We believe that airports are the key entrances into and out of any country, it is essential to make sure that travelers and visitors face a great airport experience while travelling, as it will permanently affect tourism, and business investments.

About iJET Security |iJET Security Service

Aviation Security Measures

We employ the most efficient methods to provide aviation security services for airports, airlines, private jets to protect aircraft passengers security and cabin crew safety against accidental or intentional hazards by following the aviation security measures of:
IATA |iJET Security Service
ICAO |iJET Security Service
TSA |iJET Security Service

Our risk assessment process is a very precise one, we determine the probability and severity of each potential risk that any airport or aircraft may go through.

Aviation Security risks may include:

technology failures |iJET Security Service
Systems and technology failures
Unauthorized travelers |iJET Security Service
Unauthorized travelers with fake documents
crew shortage |iJET Security Service
Pilot and crew shortage
Flight supplies shortage |iJET Security Service
Flight supplies shortage
poor catering |iJET Security Service
Poor Catering
Defected-cargo |iJET Security Service
Defected cargo and freight

We provide guaranteed aviation security services to face any of the various aviation security threats and risks of the time.

In countries that deny private security operations, we partner with governmental security agencies to provide our aviation security services ranging from devices and crew staff to managing and operating airport screening and security measures. We provide security briefings particularly to your destination upon request, as well.