Airport Security


Airport Security from iJET has served many airports around the world and used its long experience in conducting all the necessary procedures to maintain high levels of airport security, staff and cabin crew security, aircraft passengers security, and aviation ground security.

We utilize advanced technology solutions and airport screening equipment like: CCTV, API, metal detectors, millimeter wave scanners, explosive detection devices, X-ray machines, and more to provide extensive and professional aviation security services for airports, in terms of airport facilities, staff, ground support, terminals, shops, restaurants, and other amenities. iJET Aviation Security also cooperates with the airport enforcement authorities to guarantee the highest levels of airport security.

Airport Security services we provide:

  • Airport Scanners, airport security screening of the passengers, crew, and airport staff
  • Screening cabin/Airport Baggage Scanners/Air Cargo Security Screening
  • Documents verification and collecting the passengers’ data
  • Monitoring the airport through surveillance systems
  • Protecting restricted areas of unauthorized access
  • Installing perimeter fences
  • Railway examination to prevent FOD and ensure flight safety
  • Supervising aviation ground security and aircraft maintenance

Airport Security

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