Our Vendors

Our vendors’ services are an extension of our own, and so we adhere to rigorous guidelines when choosing handling vendors around the world. We coordinate with our vendors to enforce our standard service level agreements and apply procedures followed by top-rated handling companies internationally.

We only work with vendors who have an established business, are legally licensed and authorized, and who have a track record in safety and exceptional customer service. To ensure that this level of service continues, we inspect, monitor, and evaluate their services as well as their execution. Our clients’ feedback on their services is promptly shared with them to make sure all remarks are taken into consideration.

We maintain close relationships with airports, civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers, airlines, and aircraft and spare parts manufacturers to ensure and maintain the best services possible. We address their concerns and work with them to devise strategies that improve our services and facilitate the permit approval process for the aviation authorities.

Conditions for Admission into iJET Global Network


Service providers who meet the following conditions are eligible to join the iJET global network:
Legally Licensed

Fuel suppliers, handling agents, and supervisory flight support providers must be legally licensed by the civil aviation authority in the country in which they operate. Other providers must be licensed by the relevant authority regulating the services they provide.

Legal Access to Airport Ramp

Supervisory flight providers must have legal access to the airport ramp and the restricted airside area to supervise ground services delivered to the aircraft and ensure that their Meet and Assist services are available to passengers and crew.

Customer Service

customer service call center must be available 24/7 in order to receive and implement iJET requests as well as answer and resolve clients’ queries internationally.


All supervisors, service providers, and call centers must be fluent in English.

Training and Certification

All staff members must be certified and trained.

Service Level Agreement

Vendors must sign iJET’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure that our service delivery standards are implemented, as promised to our clients.

Letters of Recommendation

We require all vendors to submit two letters of recommendation from previous clients, signifying their satisfaction with the vendor’s services.

Pricing Transparency

A cost list must be submitted to iJET in advance, following our transparent pricing policy. This is used as a basis of verification for future invoices, as well as to provide our clients with quotes for their flights.


All vendors must sign iJET’s Vendor Business Conduct policy, pledging their compliance with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations.


Vendors must be in possession of Aviation Liability Insurance.


All service providers must be holders of the ISO Quality Control and Assurance Certificates.

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